What My Business Needs


Outsourcing to the Philippines changes businesses and lives. I’ve been teaching this principle for more than a decade. But outsourcing isn’t a magic bullet—it takes effort for it to work. As a business owner it’s also important to assess your business needs and determine what tasks you should outsource now and in the future. What […]

How To Communicate With Filipino VAs


When it comes to business, knowing how to best communicate with people will make or a break a relationship. This is especially true with working with Filipinos. I’ve learned a few ways to ensure you and your VA stay on the same page and develop a trusting, successful partnership. Filipinos need communication Frequent, regular contact is […]

How To Overcome The 9 Biggest Challenges With Filipino VAs


For the past 10 years, I’ve been outsourcing my work to the Philippines and teaching people to do the same. There is no better place to go than to the Philippines to find talented, hard-working virtual assistants. This doesn’t mean you’re not going to face some obstacles as you work with your VA. But there […]

Four Pillars of Managing Filipino Virtual Assistants


Once you’ve hired a virtual assistant and have gotten them busy, the next objective is to develop a long-lasting relationship. Filipinos are loyal, so if you train and manage them properly, they’ll never leave. They way you manage your worker will either build or ruin loyalty, ingenuity, hard work and honesty. Let’s talk about some […]

8 Steps When Starting Work With a New VA


Finding and recruiting the ideal Filipino VA is a crucial and sometimes challenging process. Once you decide what candidate is right for you, your next responsibility is to make sure they’re ready to succeed in your business. Let me share with you some tips that have helped me in hiring workers from the Philippines. 1. […]

How Successful Employers Train Their Virtual Assistants


I’ve talked a lot about the fact that Filipinos are intelligent, educated, have excellent work ethic and are very loyal. This will benefit you immensely when you hire them to work in your business. One thing about the Philippines, however, is that they don’t have the same experienced work force that you’d find in the […]

5 Steps to Recruit and Hire Top-Notch Filipino Workers


You want a well-rounded, talented, loyal and enthusiastic Filipino workers. You want the best. Use our proven 5-step process below to help attract and hire them.   #1: Attract the Best Candidates with a Great Job Post The most qualified Filipino workers are attracted to well-constructed job posts. The following  will help capture the attention […]

Why I Keep Refusing ‘Worker Reviews’ for OnlineJobs.ph


“Hey, I have a great idea for OnlineJobs.ph. You guys should encourage employers to write reviews about workers more,” says someone to me about once a week. And I understand why you want it. But I still say NO. Why? A couple of reasons: Because reviews encourage short term work. Because 90% of our customers […]

17 Best Tasks to Outsource to Your Filipino VA

17 Best Tasks to Outsource to Your Filipino VA

Effective training and communication are the keys to success. Add an Online Filipino Specialist to the mix, someone you can entrust with almost everything, you’d be unstoppable. So how do you get Online Filipino Specialists to start working on your business? There are two ways to assign work. First, you can teach them what you […]

Becoming The CEO of Your Business – Hope Comes From The Philippines


When talking to people about outsourcing, I’ve had many tell me that they don’t want to do it because they can do it better and faster than everyone else. In their view, they ask, “Why hire someone else to do something you’re more capable of doing?” The business owner believes only he or she can […]