Do You Need To Be A College Graduate To Work Online?


The simple answer is no, you don’t need to be a college graduate to work online. The complete answer, it depends. The great thing about being online worker is it’s not about what you finished in college, what matters are your 1) skills, 2) training, 3) experience and 4) attitude. If you have the right mix of […]

How Can You Be Certain Your Virtual Assistant Is Working?

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This is, perhaps, one of the biggest concerns employers have when hiring Virtual Assistants. The concern that they won’t get the amount, or caliber, of work paid for. Is the employee really working? Are they goofing off on social media? Are they being productive? Or worse, are they working for another employer and being dishonest […]

Outsourcing to Philippines – Risk-Free Quick Start Guide

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You have done your research. You now know that the Philippines is the ideal location for outsourcing. Most of contract workers are college graduates. Yet, the wage scale is lower than in many other outsourcing locations. American English is spoken. And any technical, marketing, or administrative expertise you need is available. Essentially, outsourcing to the […]

Your Filipino Virtual Assistant (VA) – 5 Best Practices to Boost Productivity

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As a small business, you must maximize the productivity from your Filipino Virtual Assistants (VAs). In fact, that is the question you present most often to us at  “John,” you ask, “How can I get ‘the most’ from my VAs?” The good news is that there are five proven management tactics or best practices […]

Should You Buy A Laptop For Your Virtual Assistant?

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Your small business is outsourcing to the Philippines to get tasks done with quality cost-efficiently. That is at the top of your mind when you begin the recruitment process for a virtual assistant, internet marketer, or accountant.  Here are free books you can download to provide insight into all aspects of outsourcing to the Philippines. […]

How To Hire a Filipino Web Designer

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You may be considering outsourcing your web design to the Philippines. A website designer creates the layout, visuals, text, and navigation for your website. As a small business, your website design has to capture and communicate your brand or online identity. Do that right and you can compete with even large corporations. Website design makes […]

So, You Want To Hire An SEO Specialist


One of the most popular responsibilities to outsource is Search Engine Optimization. It’s tedious, it takes constant effort and you really have to stay on top of the ins and outs of many updates. As a result, most entrepreneurs have a difficult time personally handling SEO while also focusing on their core business and growth. […]

How To Hire A Virtual Assistant To Help Your Manage Facebook Ads


As more internet marketers turn to Facebook advertising to unlock new opportunities, they eventually get to a point where they want help keeping everything on track. Facebook advertising tedious, it takes constant effort and you really have to stay on top of the ins and outs of many updates and changes, as well as constantly […]