How Filipino VAs Helped Chris’ Business Grow

Chris von Nieda is the founder of, a results driven SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & SEM (Search Engine Marketing) in Arizona. He recently touched base with us to share his experience with Filipino workers and


Chris’ story in his own words

Chris Von Nieda

Chris Von Nieda is only one of the entrepreneurs whose life and business have positively changed because of hiring Filipino VAs.

Several years ago I was exercising and listening to the audiobook version of the famous “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris.

As a small business owner I wear many hats and at the time was struggling to get it all done. I was looking for a way to be more successful and grow my business, a Web Design and Internet Marketing Company called while keeping my costs down.

In it he talks about his success using “VA’s” (Virtual Assistants) and this is one of the ways he better manages his time and gets more done. I was intrigued and started exploring this as an option.

I had outsourced some work in the past to other overseas workers, but was dissatisfied with communication, reliability and costs. I had given up until hearing Tim talk about Filipinos and how great they are to work with.

I started doing some Google searching and found Because of the lower cost of living in the Philippines, their salary requirements are much lower than in the US. I was so excited I decided to hire two people, Ryan a WordPress Web Developer and Cathy, and Admin Assistant.  

I was very impressed with their grasp of the English language, reliability, willingness to learn and loyalty. In addition, I could afford to pay them well for their work which made them very happy. One of them, Ryan is still with me today going on 4 years. Cathy got married and moved on.

Since then I have hired 2 more Filipinos, a Network Admin named Hans and a WordPress developer named Jay. There have also been other temporary hires. The Network Admin has been with me for 3 years and the Designer is going on his 2nd year.


Chris Von Nieda hired three Filipino VAs to help his business grow: Jay (Left), Hans (Center), and Ryan (Right)

In 2015 I started a 2nd company called WPsitehelpers. is a WordPress Maintenance company and we have Filipino workers I hired though as well.

I am currently looking to hire a PPC and SEO expert though at the time I am writing this.

Online Jobs and Filipino workers are a critical component of our success and I hope to visit the Philippines someday soon and meet my amazing team face to face!

To learn more about hiring Filipino workers, visit our homepage You can also read more about business owners’ outsourcing experiences here.

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  1. Lee Fatt Choon says

    Thanks for sharing your story Christ.I got the intention to start an online business but don’t know how to do it.

  2. Idi Yusufu says

    Amaizing,that give some of us confidence of working onlone. Personality am a virtual assistant/ Facebook ads manager. Am currently gaining experience in upwork. Am willing to be part of your team if you don’t mind.

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