Should You Hire Filipino Working Students? – Practical Advice

Education is important to Filipinos. They grew up with elders telling them that the only wealth they can give is education; they take that statement seriously.

What if a student wants or needs to work to support their education? Should you take a chance on them?

First, consider their age. The minimum age requirement for jobseekers is 18. In the Philippines, 18-year olds have already finished high school or are in Senior High School.

If someone is studying full time, know that education is their priority. You might make it work for a while, but there will come a time when they’d be busy. Ensure they know how important it is to let you know if they have something going on.

I found my designer when he was still a student. We went through a time when he wasn’t meeting my demands, and he even stopped working for a few months to do the things he needed to do so he could graduate. After he graduated, everything worked better!

If you see potential, even if they’re still in school, you can take the risk and have them join your team. Set expectations at the beginning of your relationship, and make sure they know that they can talk to you. 

This worked out for me; I’m sure this will work out for you too.

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  1. Fritz says

    I am also a student, and I badly need part-time job to support my studies and family. Can someone hire me? I’ve already submitted my job application and did not recieve any replies. :<

  2. Mark Bryle Devara says

    I’m interested to work for my educational needs, and I am willing to learn and grow as well as an efficient worker.

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