Follow Up On MY QA OFS Experiment – Practical Advice

Remember the episode where I talked about a terrible video uploaded by my OFS?

That video kickstarted a significant change within the team.

Getting poor work from my team is one of the pitfalls of turning over everything to my OFS team, and I wasn’t sure how to fix that until the terrible video happened. That made me realize that I needed someone to do quality checks and go over everything before it got to me.

That was two months ago. Having a quality assurance process made things a lot better. 

How much better? I realized that having someone in charge of saying, “Hey, this isn’t right,” is a game-changer. 

The authority you give a QA person is a big deal in their ability to point out the problems and mistakes in a project. And this has made things go smoothly without me having to catch an issue.

Are you not getting quality work from your OFSs? You might need to get a QA person.

If you do need to find someone to do quality assurance for you, here are some tips:

  • Find someone detail-oriented.
  • Give the “QA” title — the authority and responsibility.

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