Everything You Need To Know About IDProof

We are currently making changes to the IDProof algorithm. This blog post will be updated as soon as these changes are fully implemented

“How can I increase my IDProof?”

This is the most asked question in our customer service hotline. Jobseekers want a high, if not a perfect score of 100, IDProof, and for good reason! But just what is IDProof and how does it work?

What IDProof IS

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IDProof is about providing lots of information to help determine your identity to us.

It is our way of telling employers, “We trust this person is real and who he says he is.”

This means that if your profile is incomplete or has questionable information (seriously, you’re an expert in everything?), you won’t get a high IDProof score.

Also, If you only provide a small amount of honest information, then you’ll have a low ID trust score.

IDProof helps employers know that it is a real person applying for the job they posted, but IDProof is not a measure of a jobseeker’s skill.

IDProof helps you land a job by giving employers an idea of who you are as a worker, but it does not guarantee that you’ll get the job if you have the highest score among the applicants.

Protecting your Privacy

You are only submitting your proof of identity to us, Onlinejobs.ph. We do not show your personal information and copies of your ID, address and phone number to employers. Since it is necessary, your Profile Photo, your age, tests taken, date of joining, employment status, and skills are shown to employers. Only employers you applied to or replied to will get your email address. Please see our Privacy Statement.

How Can IDProof Help You

ID Proof

A high IDProof score proves that you’re a person, that you’re real.

What does that mean? Well, this means you become more eligible to apply for more jobs — the more jobs to apply for, the more chances of landing one!

Having a higher ID Proof score compared also means you’ll be competing with fewer people for the same job. This, again, increases your chances of getting a great job.

Here at Onlinejobs.ph, most employers look for applicants who are in it for the long run. The jobs they offer are for long term and not just project-based jobs, so it makes sense if they’re wary of people pretending to be someone they’re not.

That’s why the IDProof score is important to them, and that’s why they prefer jobseekers with a high ID trust score.

How to Increase Your IDProof

This is THE question.

Increasing your IDProof score is actually quite easy. You just have to take some time completing your profile, and fill it out completely and honestly. Remember, you are building your identity on the website, you should build it with honesty. Also, your profile serves as your resume when you apply for jobs, it is the first thing that employers see.

Increase TimeProof

Aside from filling out your profile, make sure that you also do the following:

  • Upload a good government ID. IDs issued by the government usually come with a photo or some form of biometric marker, making them unique and fraud-proof. Here’s a list of IDs that you can use:
    • UMID
    • Driver’s License
    • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID
    • Passport
    • Senior Citizen ID
    • SSS ID
    • COMELEC / Voter’s ID
    • Philippine Identification (PhilID)
    • Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID
    • Firearms License
    • AFP Beneficiary ID
    • BIR (TIN)
    • Pag-ibig ID
    • Person’s With Disability (PWD) ID
    • Solo Parent ID
    • Philippine Postal ID
    • Phil-health ID
  • Upload a Selfie holding your submitted ID.
  • Validate your cellular phone number
  • Verify your address
    • Step one is to upload a bill that contains your name and current address. You can use any of the following: Electric bill, Water bill, Phone / Internet bill, Credit card bill, Bank statement,  Insurance statement, or online shopping (Lazada/Shopee) delivery receipt. You can also use government clearances as long as they are current (issued within the year or just last year).
    • The bills have to be within 3 months of the current date.
    • Step two is to type in the same address and click “Save Address.”
    • If you have problems with providing this, this step is optional.

The secret here is to provide information about yourself — the more information you provide that proves your identity, the higher your IDProof will be.

How to Avoid Penalties

Negative IDProof

After years of recruiting and filtering through thousands of worker profiles from the Philippines, we’ve developed some pretty strong signals of whether we trust a given profile or not.

Frequent editing deducts temporary point penalties on your IDProof score. While we understand that you would make some changes to your profile as you grow in your career, changing a lot of details frequently tells us that you may be padding your profile to make it more attractive to employers, even if you don’t have those skills.

The temporary deductions will come back after you have stopped editing your profile, how soon will depend on the number of penalties you accumulated.

To avoid having deductions on your IDProof score, do not edit your profile too often. Refrain from making frequent changes to your profile since the system sees this as a red flag. You might be changing things around on your profile to suit the job you’re applying for at the moment, and that is not acceptable.

Do a one-time overhaul of your profile if you have big milestones that could upgrade your resume — like when you’ve acquired a new certified skill or maybe finished a new degree.

Any Problems?

When all’s been said and done, and you still have problems with your IDProof, feel free to contact us.

You can email our support team at support@onlinejobs.ph so that they can assist you with IDProof concerns.

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A writer and an all-around VA. She has now found her home at OnlineJobs.ph.

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  1. Kem Perly Joy M. Agustin says

    You posted here that you accept Philhealth I.D but when I submitted my Philhealth I.D you rejected it and said in your email that Philhealth I.D is iinvalid. Are you really telling the truth here in your blog.

  2. Kevin Obra says

    Hi, I’ve been waiting for the verification of my ID. It has been past 2 days already, can you follow it up. Thank you

  3. Gerly Dela Cruz says

    i have uploaded all the requirements, but it has been almost 5 to 6 days and it haven’t been verified. please advise

      • Joeville says

        I have the same issue, I uploaded my billing details and government ID 4 days ago but still verification in progress. I hope you can help me.

          • bianca julao says

            hi I have the same problem, I uploaded my government ID and Address 4 days ago, but until now the status is verification in process. hope you can help me soon. thanks.

          • says

            Hi Shaira,

            Thank you for your comment. Our support team has emailed you regarding your OJ account verification on your other email address that was registered on our database, kindly check your inbox or spam

  4. Steven says

    Hello, there. On my end. It doesn’t matter if I have a good “ID Proof” I get 90 before and when I reconnect my Facebook account to see if it can go higher. But my ID was down to 63 . The negative side of having a low “ID Proof” is that most jobs that I’d like to send an application are not accepting a low rate Id proof cause there is a notice tell’s that “Your ID Proof is lower than required to apply to this job.” Meaning, I cannot send an application to this because of the required Id proof was (65 or 70).

  5. Jesse Cervantes says

    I want to verify my address by filling out what’s being asked and then I need to send my address by electric bill, but then it says here that I already uploaded a photo of my parent’s electric bill, which I did not, and told me that I have to wait for it to be verified or checked. And it also says here that it would usually take from 1-2 business days but up until now, there’s no update at all. What am I supposed to do next? I really can’t send my application due to this issue and they’re always enlisted in queue. Please help me with this. Thanks,

      • Inah Bote says

        Hi, I also have the same concern. I hope you can take a look about my verification. I can’t apply because I have a very low ID proof. It’s just frustrating. Thankyou


      • Chloe Esguerra says

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  9. Bon Ignatius Datuin says


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    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you.

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  11. Fame Anne Villaflor says

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