Eric Evan’s Only Choice For Hiring Virtual Assistants

The great thing about Eric and his website (Bootstrap Biz Growth) is that we both have the same mission; help entrepreneurs grow their business on a budget. Bootstrap Biz Growth is overflowing with free tools and advice that any business owner can use. Whether you need help marketing or automating your operations, he has a free tool for practically anything. One of the things he regularly recommends to business owners to save money is to outsource your business to a virtual assistant.

In this video, Eric shares:

  • how he does outsourcing and why it works for small business owners
  • how to pick the right virtual assistants by having realistic expectations
  • and what tools you should have once you start working with a VA..


Read the full transcript to the video below:

Hey there, its Eric Evans with bootstrap business growth and in today’s video, I want to talk to you about the absolute best place to find high-quality virtual assistants on the internet.

So this is the website that we use every time we want to hire a new virtual assistant or virtual employee. To tackle all those low value or repetitive tasks in our business and this is the same website that we have all of our students use when they’re going through our outsourcing course and that website is

So with this website there are literally thousands upon thousands, I think there’s hundreds of thousands of high-quality virtual assistants that are looking for work from the Philippines. And you can go on their, browse through all these profiles and find the people with the skill sets that you need to perform the tasks that you’re looking to outsource.

So what I want to do here is I want to take you into, show you around and show you how you can get started and start getting applicants for your job and moving along into that outsourcing process. So what I’m going to do here is I’m going to share my screen and here I’m on the web site, so as you can see its and while the link to this in the description as well but this is the homepage here.

So the first thing you can do if you want or if you know exactly what you want to be outsourcing, you can just type it in here and pull bunch of people with that skill or what I like to do is I like to scroll down here and they have a browse more resume section here and you can see a bunch of different skill sets that people have on this website. So I’m actually going to click see more skills to see the full list and so they’re people that are experts at everything, it’s not just general administrative type tasks.

You can find web designers on here graphic designers, Amazon experts, ecommerce experts, copywriters, and on and on and on. You can outsource anything you can possibly think of in your business.

So I’m just going to scroll through here and show you a few things: a general virtual assistant you know you might just need that so you need to manage your email, your calendars that is all good and great you can outsource that. There’s a whole section on writers so ghost writers, copywriters, sales writers. All that software development maybe you need somebody to build an app for you or a website that can all be done marketing and sales. A big one is social media marketing, a lot of people don’t have time to be managing their social media platforms and pages and so they want outsource that or maybe you want outsource pay-per-click advertising, Facebook advertising, may be click funnels you want to build a sales funnel, all that can be outsourced on here. You can find experts and all of that and the list goes on and on, so here’s one that we’ll use as an example an Amazon expert. So maybe I’m an Amazon seller and I want to start outsourcing some of those repetitive tasks that I’m doing every single day or every single week.

Well, I’m gonna go to the Amazon expert page on I’m going to start scrolling through some of these profiles to start seeing who is available to work for me and so what I’m gonna do here is just scroll. You can see all these different profiles, a few things that you want to look at are their title so you can see what exactly they are experts at, how much are they looking to get paid, how many hours a week are they hoping to get, you can see education level and an experience level.

So, this is really beneficial this guy’s an Amazon Lister charging 388 to 45 per month for 30hours a week, so that works out to three or four dollars an hour. Maybe we’ll check out this guy’s profile, he’s got three years experience, a bachelor’s degree you can see here so this is good that we see this he is already been hired for part-time work so that’s good to keep in mind. It’s my preference to hire people full-time and make sure they’re only working for us because I want their full attention.

So I personally probably exit out of this guy’s profile everybody has their own viewpoint on that and how to handle people who are working for other companies that’s just what I do, I just find that there’s a lot of different options on the website and I don’t need to share somebody.

So scrolling down further, this guy is great at product sourcing, eBay, Amazon listing, drop shipping, shop buy profit scraping all these different tools, this guy looks really great. He is looking for 291 to 388 per month for full time work, I’m definitely checkout this guy’s profile and read more. So he has completed disc profile that’s probably not important to a lot of you but if you’re into the personality testing, make sure they’re a good personality fit, you can view their disc profiles for some of these people. Here you can read about the description of some of the stuff that he’s done and who he is what he does what he’s an expert at.

And then this is something that’s really great too about the website is the workers the virtual assistants they’re looking for work they go through and they rate themselves on a scale of 1 to 5 for all these different skills and they basically tell you how good they are at different tasks and you can trust this. They are very trustworthy as a culture and they’re not going to say it they’re 5 stars when they’re really only at 2 stars, you know they’re gonna be very good at self assessments.

And so this person is four out of five on Amazon products that’s really great, copywriting 4 out of 5 you know these are obviously some important skills on hiring somebody for Amazon, four out of five for Amazon product ads, and the other one that I like to look at is their English speaking, so here we go speaking skills four out of five, writing three out of five so he’s pretty good at speaking English that’ll do. Anything less than three I probably would skip just because communication is so important when you’re working with a virtual assistant. You really want them to have ideally four or five stars for speaking and writing.

So, I really like this guy I would actually contact him and invite him to apply for my job and I’d probably bookmark him too, so I could easily find his profile in the future. So once you start to get a feel for who is available with the skills that you need for you the job that you’re hiring for.

You’ll want to actually go in and set up an account with, it is a paid service but the beauty of this is you only pay for as long as you need it so once you find somebody and hire somebody you can cancel your membership. Where some of these other outsourcing websites such as upwork, they take a cut throughout the entire process, you’re always paying them but an you hire once pay online jobs will use their platform to find somebody and then you cancel it and you’re no longer paying them anything.

So that is a huge benefit of this website so I recommend the pro level account $69 per month use that once usually you can hire somebody within a month maybe two max and so you hire somebody then again you just cancel it.

Once you sign up for that Pro account you can actually post your job so you’re gonna write out a full job description and explain the job what are they going to be doing what are the expectations, what’s the pay, how many hours are gonna be working, all of that you’re gonna explain all that in the job description and post your job. People are naturally going to start applying for your job on their own and they’re gonna get notified about your new job that you’ve posted.

They’re gonna apply but what you really want to do is you want to go through and find more people that have really a really great skill set so they have really great profiles like that last person that we saw. This guy we would definitely want to contact him, we’re going to send him a message within the platform and send him a link to our job post and just say “hey you know we really like your profile it looks like you’ve done a great job, in the past you’ve great experience we like your skill set and we would really love it if you would apply for this job. We’re going through the hiring process right now and we love for you to throw your name in the ring”.

And so that is actually I’ve gotten all of my best virtual assistants by inviting them to apply and then once you hire somebody just go down here click hire and it’s gonna mark their account as hired full-time and you’re gonna be on your way and then you can just move off the platform and start communicating via email or asana or another project management tool.

We actually have another video called the five must-have tools for working with a virtual employee and so I’m gonna link to that in the description as well and that’s going to help you kind of get off of the platform and start communicating elsewhere. It’s going to show you all the tools that you need to onboard your virtual employee and start communicating with them and delegating tasks and all that. So I help hope this video helps this really is the number one website for finding virtual employees and it’s very simple to use it’s just an absolute game changer.

So I hope you liked the video if you do, scroll down and give us a thumbs up that’d be really appreciated and go ahead and share this video with anybody else that you know that might be looking to hire a very high skilled, highly educated, English-speaking virtual assistant.

Share this video with them and hopefully it helps them as well and as always we really appreciate you watching this video. Check back we’re releasing new videos every single day about outsourcing and building passive income and building your business on a budget. So we hope you enjoy this.

Eager to try out Eric’s foolproof techniques? Sign up for an employer account and start looking for that rockstar VA for your business today.


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Julia has been working for since 2012, first as a writer and now as its social media manager and content development specialist. She also founded the Davao Virtual Assistants Association, the biggest VA association in Davao City.

She’s a full-time wife and mom and volunteers her time as an internet rights advocate.


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