How Payoneer works together with

Whether you’re an employer or a freelancer, there’s one issue around gig work that’s always a concern, and that’s managing payment. Freelancers want fast and flexible access to funds, employers want low-cost payment methods, and both of them want secure and transparent payment processing.  That’s why built its own payment feature called EasyPay, to […]

Updated Filipino Online Workers Guide To Paying Taxes

Update 2021: This post is still correct and relevant today. Due to the numerous changes in our tax system, we opted to create a new post as an update. But you can still read the original post here. A lot of online workers have been getting away with NOT paying taxes. I understand that many of […]

How to make your social media profile more professional

We’ve all had our moments, whether it’s old drunken pictures from your college days or inappropriate trash talk about your current boss, social media can make or break your chances of landing yourself a dream job. Here at, you are required to connect your Facebook account in order to create an account. This is […]

The Ultimate Computer Buying Guide for Virtual Assistants

*Updated as of November 2022* So, you’re looking to buy a computer for work but don’t know what to get. Laptop or desktop? Intel or AMD? Branded, pre-built, or custom? HDD or SSD? How much RAM? What about the display? I know that there are lots to consider when buying a computer. It can be […]

The Definitive Mac Buying Guide for Virtual Assistants

Yes, a Mac is definitely more expensive than a PC for virtual assistant work. But using a Mac can give you distinct advantages that most PC using VAs don’t have. One, you’d have less competition and better rates. Some employers insist that their virtual assistants should be Mac users and are willing to pay a […]

2018 Virtual Assistant Salaries in the Philippines

Please check our Updated Salary Guide Virtual assistant salaries are varied, and will depend on the skill in which they specialize. As it usually goes, the more technical your skill set is, the higher your pay will be. Below is a guide we’ve prepared for job seekers and employers alike. Virtual Assistant $510 $200-$1190 Amazon […]

Building An Online Career With OnlineJobs.Ph

Can You Be A Freelancer Forever? Most people associate online work with freelancing. And by definition, freelancing is temporary. A freelance online worker is basically jumping from project to project. How much he makes depends on how well and how much he works. And they tend to stick to what they specialize in because there’s […]