How Brett Assigns Tasks To His OFS – Practical Advice

In one of my previous episodes, I talked about having an Online Filipino Specialist (OFS) who’s still a student and how I said that if you could help it, it would be better to choose someone who’s done with school.

“Someone who’s in college will always prioritize their education first.” This was what I said because, at that time, I just wasn’t prepared for it. I hadn’t been able to study the situation and think of solutions to make it work.

Brett did. He sent me an interesting response about that episode and shared that his OFS is a student and that he can’t imagine managing his business without his student OFS.

Brett said that the way you assign tasks to your OFS is the key to success — and this also goes for non-student OFSs.

Their working relationship works so well because:

  1. He gives her plenty of time to finish a task, and
  2. He provides feedback, and they communicate often.

The key to their success is flexibility and communication.

Not everyone’s business can accommodate flexibility, but Brett’s take on outsourcing is fresh — it works for him. 

The bottom line is that you should know what works for you. You might not find the right recipe for success immediately, but that doesn’t mean you should give up.

I have many tips for your outsourcing needs. This practical advice is just one of many we have on our blog. Head on to our outsourcing education page to catch the whole series. 

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