A Working Student’s Success Story

The life of a working student is never easy. But it’s a path that many Filipinos choose to take in order to pay for their education.

Even though there are schools that can accommodate the schedules of working students, most jobs don’t do the same. Students often have to work long shifts and take even longer commutes just to get to school or work in time.

This was the life Cindy have chosen for herself. But unlike other working students, she discovered Onlinejobs.ph. Instead of working in a fast food restaurant or a mall, she worked as a virtual assistant. She didn’t let her inexperience or poor English stop her from giving it a try. She got her chance when an employer saw her determination and willingness to learn new skills.

She showed professionalism and put as much as hard work to her job as well as her studies. This allowed her to work around her classes and make enough money to support herself. Now, 3 years after, she’s just one year away from finishing school and she’s still working online.

How did she manage to stay in school and have a successful online career? Cindy shares it all here.

Filipinos value education and are willing to do everything to get it. Outsourcing has helped thousands of Filipino students pursue their dreams of a good education. Cindy is just one example. You can find other hardworking and dedicated Filipino virtual assistants like her when you sign up for an employer account today.

Julia Sta RomanaAbout Julia Jasmine M. Sta Romana

Julia has been working for OnlineJobs.ph since 2012, first as a writer and now as its social media manager and content development specialist. She also founded the Davao Virtual Assistants Association, the biggest VA association in Davao City.

She’s a full-time wife and mom and volunteers her time as an internet rights advocate.

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  1. Ma. Nerissa F. Pauhana says

    Thankyou for this blog. I was inspired while reading because I can relate as a working student who is trying to manage to study and work at the same time. I’m doing this to pursue and achieve my dreams while trying to help my family as well. Thank you again for writing this blog!

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