Podcast (The Mark Struczewski Podcast)

How to Hire a Virtual Specialist - John Jonas

Podcast Link: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6afSyC7QO3oTj7qam0xCeu If you’ve heard about my story, you might have already heard me say that I’m not a good employee and that I quit my job because I don’t like working 9-to-5. Mark Struczewski is just like me – he didn’t like what he was doing and found his corporate job a drag. When […]

Podcast (Screw the Commute)

882 Do outsourcing the right way Tom interviews John Jonas Feature

Podcast Link: https://screwthecommute.com/episodes/667-do-outsourcing-the-right-way-tom-interviews-john-jonas/ Tom Antion has never had a job. He’s always had small businesses – Tom has been entrepreneurial since he was nine or ten. In fact, before even graduating from college, he already owned four apartment buildings and a hotel! If you are willing to do the work, Tom will teach you the […]

Podcast (Ecom Life)

The Power of Outsourcing with John Jonas, founder of Onlinejobs.ph FEATURE

Quadra eCommerce is a 7-figure print-on-demand online business. Founders Brian and John (and Scott, who’s not in the podcast) have experienced how owning a successful online business has allowed them to live life on their terms. That’s why they’re on a mission to simplify the process of starting and scaling a print-on-demand business, so you […]

Why I Won’t Recruit For You – Practical Advice

Why I Won't Recruit For You Feature

I always receive requests from employers asking me to recruit someone for them. But my answer remains the same: No. Why? Simple. I may be good at recruiting since the first person I hired in 2005 still works for me today, but I am not good at recruiting for you. I believe that hiring isn’t […]

Podcast (Wizards of Ecom)

When Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant with John Jonas, Founder of OnlineJobs.ph Feature

Podcast Link: https://wizardsofamazon.libsyn.com/214-when-should-you-hire-a-virtual-assistant-with-john-jonas-founder-of-onlinejobsph?tdest_id=2362934 Carlos Alvarez is one of the founders of Wizards of Ecom. He uses his 20+ years of online selling experience to help Amazon retailers get the most out of the platform. He’s on a mission to empower brands to take advantage of selling on Amazon and help entrepreneurs break the shackles of their […]

Podcast (Thoughtful Entrepreneur)

Outsourcing with Online Jobs’ John Jonas Feature

Podcast Link: https://upmyinfluence.com/blog/1239-outsourcing-with-online-jobs-john-jonas?el=ojblog Josh Elledge believes everyone has a message that can positively impact the world. He is a serial entrepreneur who builds the companies he needs most globally.  In 2014, He launched UpMyInfluence to help entrepreneurs like himself attract the perfect audiences and grow their brands without the crazy costs and contracts associated with […]

Improvements on Onlinejobs.ph for YOU! – Practical Advice

Improvements on Onlinejobs.ph for YOU! Feature

We are always making improvements to serve you better!  We know that it’s not easy to trust someone who’s on the other side of the world, let alone have someone work on your business! Here at OnlineJobs.ph, we pride ourselves in connecting you with real people in the Philippines who can build a working relationship […]

The Weirdest Places Your OFS Has Worked – Practical Advice

The Weirdest Places Your OFS Has Worked Feature

Pandemic restrictions are starting to loosen up all over the world. The Philippines has not been as quick to do the same, but regulations are lessening, and people can finally travel! Your OFS may be traveling soon, maybe for vacation, or perhaps a change of scenery while working. The great thing about outsourcing is that […]

‘APPLY POINTS’: Helping the Best and Most Qualified Applicants Stand Out

apply points copy

OnlineJobs.ph has over 2 million jobseekers in its database. While the sheer number of jobseekers is exciting, it can also present an unexpected challenge… The Challenge Sometimes, employers may receive too many applications for a job, presenting the time-consuming challenge of filtering through and finding the best candidates. And sometimes, jobseekers may be tempted to […]