Why You Should NOT Do A Phone Call With A Potential OFS – Practical Advice

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When hiring Rockstar VAs from the Philippines, or Online Filipino Specialists (OFS), scheduling live Zoom interviews might seem like the standard approach. However, this practice often leads to several challenges. 

Consider this scenario: you have ten applicants and plan video interviews with them. Here’s what frequently occurs:

  • Some applicants are hesitant due to concerns about language, time zones, and technical issues – so they don’t confirm the interview.
  • Consequently, the several who confirmed may not even show up for the interview, leaving you with only two interviewees.

So what’s with the reluctance of Filipinos for video interviews?

Several factors contribute to this behavior. For instance, candidates worry that you might not understand them due to pronunciation or accent differences. They’re also unsure about the quality of their internet connection. Also, concerns about background noise, like dogs barking or chickens clucking, add to their anxiety.

Here’s a pro tip: Video interviews might not be necessary for the job.

If the position doesn’t require frequent video calls, consider skipping video interviews and use text-based communication like email or chat instead. This lets you focus on evaluating qualifications and job-related skills, leading to a more efficient hiring process.

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