We Are Not Upwork

There’s been a lot of confusion between the different job platforms that exist.

We’re here to set the record straight. WE ARE NOT UPWORK!

Because we all serve basically the same purpose, people get to interchange different features or misunderstand how each platform works.

In fact, whenever Onlinejobs.ph goes to different forums and talks, this type of confusion is something that we already expect, and the words roll out as easily as we can say Filipino Rockstar VA.

We are not Upwork because Onlinejobs.ph:

  • Focus only on Filipino Talents.
  • Encourages employing dedicated virtual assistants.
  • Doesn’t charge virtual assistants.

Here is a more thorough explanation:

we are not upwork 1

OnlineJobs.ph is the Place for Finding Rockstar FILIPINO Virtual Assistants

Others may say it’s a bad case of racism, but it isn’t.

If you’ve ever followed John Jonas, one of the founders of Onlinejobs.ph, you’ll know why he built his entire business around the Philippines. It’s because he’s tried outsourcing in many different countries, and this is the only one that worked.

He found the best Virtual Assistants from the Philippines. His business prospered, and he decided to share this experience with other entrepreneurs.

That’s why he built Onlinejobs.ph. It’s the result of a great working relationship between him and other Filipinos like me.

We are not upwork 2 (2)

Onlinejobs.ph Believes in the Investment of Training and a Healthy Working Relationship

I already told you that the entire point of centering around the Philippines is because of John’s experience, right?

Another thing he has experienced is when an employee is invested in the company, he works harder and is more dedicated. The only way to do it is to offer a stable job, train, and grow with the company.

He gave us a chance, even though some of us had no experience working as a VA.

While other platforms are practically closed off to newbies, Onlinejobs.ph encouraged and empowered anyone who wanted to try. This is what allowed a lot of our clients to find their rockstar virtual assistants in the most unexpected places.

If you don’t believe it, I’ve been with John for 10 years now. The fact also surprises me.

But all of us work, so John succeeds; in that case, we all succeed. And this is why we encourage giving long-term employment a chance, whether you’re a virtual assistant or an employer.

We are not upwork 3

Onlinejobs.ph Want to Help Filipino VA’s, so Why Would We Charge Them?

The biggest thing that differentiates us from Upwork is our business model.

Our business model is we help foreigners hire Filipino VA’s through a monthly membership. Once the employer is able to hire someone, our contract with them ends. No further fees are needed from either party.

We don’t take any percentages from anyone, just a straight-up fee to access our VA database. We don’t charge virtual assistants every time they look for work. We don’t charge you every time you need a new VA.

That’s Upwork’s business model. If you need a job, they’ll charge you through the nose for it. Need to send a proposal? That will be $0.17. Do you get every job for every proposal you send? Not likely.

Got a job? Congratulations, and thanks for the 20% commission. Don’t have enough ‘connects’ to find work? Too bad. But don’t worry, you can pay for those as well.

So how much did it cost you just to get a job? Let’s say you get a job for every 3 proposals you send, and you charge your client $600 per month? And you have worked for that client for 6 months.

Proposal $0.51
1st month $110 (20% for the 1st $500 and 10% for the rest)
2nd month $60
3rd month $60
4th month $60
5th month $60
6th month $60
TOTAL $410.51

At an exchange rate of P50 per dollar, that means in 6 months, Upwork has made P20,525.50 on just one freelancer.

Most employers are kind enough to cover the commissions and the payment processing fees (3%). This means every time they hire a virtual assistant, they have to pay 23% in fees alone.

That’s a lot of money and a lot of math.

It’s simple, and it doesn’t take out any more money from anyone. We want small businesses to have more options and to succeed.

At the same time, we want Filipinos to have decent home-based jobs.

It has been working and still works. We will not be taking any percentages in the future as well. You worked for it; you deserve it.

So we’re not saying that Upwork is an awful job service; we’re just saying we’re a completely different platform. There’s simply no competition because we cater to different types of individuals and businesses, and we have different goals as a business.

This is why if anyone ever asks money from you (claiming they are onlinejobs.ph) as a virtual assistant, know that they’re not with us. We don’t charge virtual assistants.

And for employers, if you’re looking for someone who can grow with your business, someone you can train and trust, then we have the best Filipino Virtual Assistants for you.

Jessica MadrazoAbout Jessica Madrazo
Jessica creates content and support for OnlineJobs.ph. She is also involved in different advocacies like climate revolution, local arts, internet freedom, women’s rights and more.

She dreams of a world where people are able to tap their inner heroism and work together for a better world.

She has a Dalek watching over her computer.

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    • says

      Thank you for your interest in Onlinejobs.ph. Unfortunately, at the moment we’re focusing in providing jobs mainly for Filipinos based in the Philippines. For online jobs within your country, you can try signing up for UpWork or Freelancer.

  1. Doris says

    I am already a member of this site please help me to find a job. I am new in this online jobs. I am very willing to learn. Thank you.

    • says

      Hi Roel

      ID Proof is about providing lots of information to help determine your identity. If you only provide a small amount of honest information, then you’ll have a low ID trust score.

      Make sure that you have everything filled out…..facebook url, government id, picture, skill descriptions, etc. The more information that you provide, the easier it is for an employer to determine that you are who you say you are. Your ID proof score will be higher too.

      After updating your profile, the ID Proof score does not get updated right away, but will be automatically rechecked by the site in a day or so.

  2. Jimmy says

    I am about to sign up and will be sending my id for proof but I really would like to make sure that it is really safe?

  3. Renielyn F. says

    Hi all,

    I am new here. I would like to know how to increase my ID Proof. Been doing this already for nights now. Thank you,

  4. Sarah Lara says

    Hello all,

    I’m new member here. I don’t have experiences online jobs….Hoping can worked here well get experience online job how it works…

  5. Christine Homires says

    Hello there! Do you have any affiliate program?

    Like if I get some companies to sign up to you, can we get an affiliate link?


  6. Ruby mae luyahan says

    I’m also new here..I’ve just sent 2 applications for jobs and I’ve noticed a warning regarding the ID proof that if you’re not qualified to not submit application. May I know what if there’s a certain no. To tell if your qualified or not? Does 50 ID proof qualify? ? thanks for responses

    • says

      Hi Ruby,

      The warning is simply a reminder not to apply if you are not qualified for the job. If you are not qualified, it could affect your IDProof score.

      An employer usually specifies the IDProof score that the applicant should have in order to apply. If your IDProof score is lower than what is specified, you will not be able to apply.

    • says

      Hi Michael,

      No, that is not part of Onlinejobs.ph. But some employers do include links as part of the application process. This could be part of their internal hiring process or a way for them to screen applicants.

      • Michael Mellijor says

        I understand.. But on the other hand, you need to keep track of these external links. They might be links to viruses or such as which is not safe for everyone.

  7. mon says

    may I ask if how can I undo/ edit the Application message that I sent so I can change the Subject and the Messege?

  8. Lan says

    I love Onlinejobs!!! <3 Best freelance platform ever. Godbless you guys <3<3<3
    OMG you're all so great and non-greedy it makes me emotional lol
    More power <3 Please don't change haha!

  9. Marsha MartInelli says

    so why do you keep writing WE HELP ALL PEOPLE THAT QANT TO WORK AS A VA which is a lie and you’re only promoting philippinos????
    I am a damn good VA just as good or better than many with many years experience. And this damn Covid situation has left many people at home. We – I have the right to work as well!

    • says

      Hi Marsha,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, our platform is for Filipino workers who are looking for online work.

      I’m sorry if there is any confusion, but we only allow Philippine citizens to be workers on our site.

  10. James banutgan says

    I learned a lot when I was working as a VA and trained by my client and that lasted for a year. Currently, I’m helping brands increase their sales using Facebook Ads.

    Still working with the same client after learning that there’s more value I could give to my clients which is to double their revenue size each month. I’m still using onlinejobs.ph to find additional clients I can help with Facebook Ads, they’re happy with my service and results i give to their business that made our work relationship last!

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