Tan Shiwei and the Key to his Business Expansion

Like any other business owner in the world, Tan had a major problem. He needed more people to help with his recruitment business, but found that local employment was too expensive. He was in a place where he had the opportunity to grow, but may have to put off this opportunity due to budget constraints. He realised that this was all possible with Onlinejobs.ph.

This was his experience:

Connectise Pte Ltd had been founded and launched on a simple idea, Connecting Business.

In today’s World of Complex E-Commerce when dealing with anyone from the overseas, consumer tends to worry even for the slightest thing because of the unknown.

I had tried recruitment in Singapore.

I found it is too costly for an individual Singaporean to do the same job where it can done by virtual assistances.

After browsing thru OnlineJobs.ph, I found that I can screen individual faster and more accurately with IQ & Disc profiling.
And most of the candidates are better educated contrast with locals here.

And the cost of recruitment is a mere USD 99.00 per month where in comparison to Singapore, we have to pay 1 month salary of the candidates as commission to the recruitment companies.

Cost comparison, I can expand my workflow to 20 staffs over having 1 staff in Singapore.

This has changed the concept of my business and I am currently engaging 8 staffs at this point of time or writing.

Tan Shiwei enjoying more time with his son after getting enough help for his business.

I would like to Thank onlinejobs.ph for making this possible and without them, I believe I would still be searching for the single local staffs and not able to focus on my business expansion.

Thanks & B.Rgds
Tan Shiwei
Founder, CEO of Connectise.

You also have the chance to expand your business like Tan. You don’t have to be burdened by the constraints of budget and talent availability. Form your own virtual assistant team with Onlinejobs.ph.


Jessica MadrazoAbout Jessica Madrazo
Jessica creates content and support for OnlineJobs.ph. She is also involved in different advocacies like climate revolution, local arts, internet freedom, women’s rights and more.

She dreams of a world where people are able to tap their inner heroism and work together for a better world.

She has a Dalek watching over her computer.

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  1. Arra Fae Bautista says

    Hello Jobseekers!

    I just thought of sharing my experience to everyone and I hope to help in anyway possible.

    I’m a single mom and I was a full-time employee in a typical office environment. As time goes, I felt like I have been spending too much time on the road, needless to say, time travel plus the heavy traffic. Although I am being paid enough (at least, that’s what I thought). Time is GOLD. Ugh! I have then decided to work from home to save time and money. Moreover, to spend precious time for my 2 beautiful princesses.

    So then, the job hunt began… I chanced upon Onlinejobs.ph. Signed up for FREE. Uploaded my resume. Finished all the exams- IQ Test, DISC, etc. (this makes your profile look more appealing). Updated with my contact information, email, phone, etc. (Skype, very important!) Then, started scanning job postings.

    What are we looking for to an employer?
    Of course, all of us must have a checklist “to know” about our next employer. (I hope most of you will agree…hahaha), Here it goes:
    1. Does it pay well? – (everyone sees $$$)
    2. Does the job fits my skill set? – (it should be a job that we or you can deliver)
    3. Is there job security?- (how stable is the company/ employer)
    4. Are there any benefits (13th month pay, bonuses, leave credits, health card, etc)?
    5. Am I seeing myself doing this job for a long time?

    So with those questions, I have in mind while job-hunting. I came upon a job-posting of Mr. Tan Shiwei. I was kinda skeptical, but then I sure wanna give it a try. After all, I was job-hunting! So I applied to as many employers as possible. I can’t afford to be jobless for a long time. I had to find a new one soon as I can.

    Within 24 hours, I received an invite for my initial job interview. Then, the finals. And of course, the much awaited JOB OFFER! Yey!!

    I must all tell you this. Even though, I already have an offer, I was still trying to test the waters. Thinking if the employer is legit or if the company is stable. In my first week, I will admit, I was still job-hunting, despite I already have an offer. But guess what?

    Mr. Tan Shiwei opened a door of limitless opportunities for me. I have mentioned in the beginning I quit an office job because I wanna spend time more for my kids- He made this possible. He offered a work-at-home job and flexible work time. And the best part of it? He offered me a job that accomplished my checklist! And even more so!!
    I have been with him for quiet some time. I have learned a lot more than I expected. He formed a team of talented people, not to mention they are all sweet (and lovely!)
    My work with Connectise feels more of a career than a job. Mr. Tan Shiwei made me believe in myself… and of course with the help of the people around me, my business partners. And with his guidance, I am able to perform my job like an easy-peasy thing. I am learning each and every day while being paid. I’m enjoying it! I am not just an employee, he made me feel like I am a business partner, all of us in the team. I wouldn’t be able to finish all the good things about him in this page, but I am welcome to share more. I guess I will just be closing this post by saying…
    “A good leader has good followers. But a great leader, creates leaders.”

    I wish you all the best in your job-hunting here on Onlinejobs.ph. And who knows? You’ll find the best employer like Mr. Tan Shiwei. Good luck, everyone!

    Sending you warm hugs..


    Arra Bautista
    Business Development Manager
    Connectise Pte Ltd.

    • Jessica Marie Madrazo says

      This is such a great story Arra. We’re so happy you now have the freedom you were looking for. Time with kids is always very important.

      Thanks to both Mr. Tan Shiwei for his story, and for your story Arra!

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