What Roles Do You Need To Build A Website – Practical Advice

It’s time for another practical outsourcing advice! This is one of the many installments for this series of tips and advice where I share what I know about outsourcing, particularly, outsourcing to the Philippines. So, how do websites work? Do you need to hire a webmaster to build a website? The simple answer — no.  […]

Case Study: Web Design VAs and Filipino Developers – Johannah Barton

Johannah Barton is the creator of Confetti Design, a web design and development company in Melbourne, Australia. Johannah has been using OnlineJobs.ph for the past ten years and has great wisdom to offer outsourcing entrepreneurs who are ready to hire their next Filipino VA.  Tell us about your business Confetti Design is a Digital agency […]

Case Study: Outsourcing with Scott Marlow

“There have been tremendous ups and tremendous downs, but it’s always been a journey that… feeds my soul.” Scott Marlow started Themeco in 2012 with one of his best friends and business partner, Kyle Wakefield. They began as an affiliate business, helping clients find WordPress themes to best suit their needs. Eventually, Themeco began to create […]