How to Narrow Down Job Candidates has more than 1 million profiles available. Whether you’re looking for writers, programmers, web developers, internet marketers, SEO specialists, graphic artists or virtual assistants, there is no shortage of talented Online Filipino Specialists (OFS) here. Let’s be real though. No matter how many skillful candidates out are, it’s just not easy to find the […]

11 Mistakes People Make When Hiring Filipino Virtual Assistants

As a business owner, you probably heard of outsourcing or perhaps you are already doing it. Hopefully, you are looking at the Philippines for your outsourcing needs. This Asian nation is a haven for driven, dedicated and diligent workers eager for long-term, full-time work opportunities. Many business owners have had positive experiences hiring Filipino Online […]

Following Your Passion- Is it Really Worth the Cost to Run Solo?

        People rarely start a business that’s not their passion. “Do what you love and the money will follow.” It has served as an inspiration for many solopreneurs. They expect that when they do what they love, it will all turn out well and tons of money will follow instantly. Sadly though, […]

Mutualism: How Filipino Virtual Assistants and Entrepreneurs Benefit Each Other

Business is about relationships. Creating a mutually beneficial relationship with the customer is the primary focus. After all, keeping customers happy is the key to a profitable business. But you can’t have a business without productive, motivated workers. The employer-employee relationship is what keeps the business running like a well-oiled machine and helps you keep […]

18 Ways To Successfully Motivate Your Filipino Virtual Workers

When you look at successful businesses, the one thing they all have in common are great teams. Great teams where employees are motivated to work and help the company succeed. Motivated employees are the lifeblood of the company. And behind every motivated employee is a boss who knows how to motivate them. It is easy […]

Updated Filipino Online Workers Guide To Paying Taxes – 2018

You can still read this guide for added information but we strongly recommend you check out our Updated Filipino Online Worker’s Guide to Paying Taxes – 2020 A lot of online workers have been getting away with NOT paying taxes. I understand that many of us justify not giving our hard-earned money to corrupt government officials. Why […]