More Tips About Hiring An OFS For Tax Businesses – Practical Advice

If you don’t know yet, I have a newsletter being sent out to subscribers. They are customers and business owners interested in getting an OFS, but want to learn more first before committing. If you want to subscribe to this newsletter, just sign up for an employer account. One great thing about these newsletters […]

How to Handle Taxes with VAs – Practical Advice

Tax compliance when outsourcing is something I know that people worry about. I tell you exactly why you need them in this video. So let’s get into it.  I’ve been outsourcing since 2005 and I can tell you, handling taxes when outsourcing is really easy.  But I have to give you this disclaimer before we continue. I […]

Simplified Taxes- Another Way Outsourcing Saves Your Business

Update 2023: This post is still correct and relevant today. Disclaimer: I am not a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), nor am I a tax attorney. You should seek professional advice about your accounting and tax concerns. While this blog post is directed mainly to employers based in the US, other than the specifics of which […]

Updated Filipino Online Workers Guide To Paying Taxes – 2018

You can still read this guide for added information but we strongly recommend you check out our Updated Filipino Online Worker’s Guide to Paying Taxes – 2020 A lot of online workers have been getting away with NOT paying taxes. I understand that many of us justify not giving our hard-earned money to corrupt government officials. Why […]