What To Do On Day 1 With Your Filipino VA

Found “The One”? That amazing, rockstar VA that you’ve been waiting for? Welcome your new virtual assistant with an email! This email is the most important email between you and your new VA. Here are a few essential you need to put in this email. Welcome them to your business This is a new chapter […]

7 Tools My Team and I Use to Communicate and Collaborate

Communication is the very key to progress. That said, frequent, effective communication with your virtual assistant isn’t just a good idea, it’s essential to your success and theirs. Keep in mind that when you bring a VA onboard, they know little, if anything, about your business. While your VA will certainly have skills and experience […]

Following Your Virtual Assistant on Social Media

Staying connected to family, friends, and updated on the latest news and trends is a necessity. It’s no different in the Philippines. That’s why social media is a mainstay for Filipinos; just as it is for Americans and everybody across the globe. In fact, more than 74 million people in the Philippines have Facebook accounts. […]

When and How Often Should You Give Your Workers a Raise?

“May I have a raise?” As the boss, you can’t necessarily blame a worker for asking this. Everybody wants to make more money. The point of working after all is to make enough to support yourself and your family. But when to grant raises and how often you should give a raise are challenging questions […]

How Can You Be Certain Your Virtual Assistant Is Working?

This is, perhaps, one of the biggest concerns employers have when hiring Virtual Assistants. The concern that they won’t get the amount, or caliber, of work paid for. Is the employee really working? Are they goofing off on social media? Are they being productive? Or worse, are they working for another employer and being dishonest […]

Outsourcing to Philippines – Risk-Free Quick Start Guide

Outsourcing can be a terrifying prospect if you’re new to the idea. What if you don’t find the right people? What if it’s too expensive? Can you trust the people you hire? How can you be sure that they’re doing the work you’ve given them? Have no fear! Outsourcing can be a risk-free process if […]

Your Filipino Virtual Assistant (VA) – 5 Best Practices to Boost Productivity

One of the critical keys for small businesses to survive in their respective niches is productivity. Small business owners often ask us: Can small business owners do more than their competition? Even with limited resources and workers? The answer is YES. If you have a Filipino virtual assistant, you are one step closer to achieving […]

Should You Buy A Laptop For Your Virtual Assistant?

One of the issues surrounding outsourcing to the Philippines is providing equipment for your virtual assistant. As you interview candidates, some of them might say they don’t have a computer or internet connection. That raises the question, should you shoulder the cost? We get this question a lot at Onlinejobs.ph and I think it’s about […]

Outsourcing within the Philippines – Locations and Tradeoffs

The Philippines has always been an outsourcing destination since the 90’s. For years, outsourcing talents has been concentrated in the country’s capital, Manila. To decongest the capital, the government made an effort a decade ago to distribute resources, allowing other cities and regions in the Philippines to undergo a massive industrial and digital transformation. This […]

Outsourcing to Philippines, Getting Work Done in Your Time Zone

Between New York and the Philippines, there is a 12 hour difference in time zones. On the west coast, there is a 15 hour difference. And for us at Onlinejobs.ph, we operate on Mountain time where there is a 14 hour difference. One of the constant client issues we get asked at Onlinejob.Ph is this: […]