PhilHealth vs Health Insurance: What’s The Difference? – Practical Advice

This is one of my least favorite topics and one that, unfortunately, I’m always being asked about – Health Insurance. Health insurance works differently in the U.S. compared to the Philippines. Let’s talk about how it is in the Philippines, so you’ll know what your OFS deals with. In the Philippines, Filipinos aged 21 years […]

How We Provide Health Insurance To Our OFS – Practical Advice

In the Philippines, health insurance is not required by law. Workers in the Philippines do not automatically get health insurance if they find a job. It is a perk that not most businesses offer, but, like here in the US, it makes people stay and keep working for a company. What they have is Philhealth. […]

Outsourcing for Insurance and Finance Businesses – Ethan Kap

Ethan Kap’s outsourcing story is amazing. I relate to him so much because: we both have very technical businesses,  we have been outsourcing for just as long, and  we have fairly large teams of Filipino virtual assistants. To give you a bit of background, Ethan works in the finance industry. He has 2 companies and […]