Case Study: Outsourcing with Scott Watkins

Scott Watkins is the owner of BRUMICON software development based in Marianna, Florida. He’s been using to hire competent Filipino VAs since 2011 and currently manages a Philippines-based team of 11 experts. Outsourcing to the Philippines has impacted both his personal (he met his wife while on a trip to visit his team in […]

Case Study: Outsourcing with Scott Marlow

“There have been tremendous ups and tremendous downs, but it’s always been a journey that… feeds my soul.” Scott Marlow started Themeco in 2012 with one of his best friends and business partner, Kyle Wakefield. They began as an affiliate business, helping clients find WordPress themes to best suit their needs. Eventually, Themeco began to create […]

Outsourcing Case Study with Mariah Seacrest-Comer

“[Outsourcing} just makes sense. If you can do more in your business because someone else is helping you, it’s an easy, easy decision in my book!” By day, Mariah works full-time as the program manager for the Civana Wellness Resort and Spa located near Scottsdale, AZ. But in her freetime, she’s a thriving entrepreneur with […]

Create Your Ideal Life: FBA Case Study with Thomas Parkinson

“For me, working remotely is very much about opportunity. You have one life, and you get to make that life whatever you want it to be. It’s clay and you sculpt it. And the ability to work remotely is the ability to live your life on your terms, how you want to.”  Backstory: Thomas Parkinson […]

Failure is the Greatest Opportunity: JR Fisher on Business and Outsourcing

I’m literally excited over failure…I’ve never had a failure or a problem where it didn’t [eventually] turn into something better.” JR Fisher will never forget the day that he opened his Ebay Seller Account to find that every last one of his listings (estimated around 300) had disappeared.  Poof. Hundreds of product listings that represented […]

Management Tips – Amy Walker Case Study

Amy Walker is a speaker, author, and the creator of Amy Walker Consulting, a sales and marketing firm that she’s directed for seven years — while simultaneously running a household of five young children. Amy works with small business owners, coordinating their client acquisition strategies — creating the simplest and most effective ways to consistently acquire […]

Free to Travel the World; Working Remotely with Trevor Fenner and His Filipino VAs

In less than a decade, Trevor Fenner went from working in a lock and security warehouse to working as his own boss from some of the most exotic places in the world. When you talk to Trevor, he exudes enthusiasm for learning and a passion for entrepreneurialism; both qualities propelled him from his 9-5 job […]

Putting yourself in a position for success – Mike Jackness Case Study

When your employees are successful, your business is successful. Sounds easy but Mike had a hard time getting there. Wanna hear his story? You can check the interview in the video above I interviewed Mike again because I was really fascinated by his hiring process. It’s a process most business owners would envy. It’s practically automated and […]

Outsourcing for Web Development Businesses – Jill Sessa

What’s the dream lifestyle for you? For me, it’s being able to take off whenever I want and spend time with my family and friends. For others, it’s having the freedom to travel whenever they want. Some pursue passion projects and give back to the community. But most of us can’t do that. We need […]