Scaling Up Your Business, The Easy Way

You know it’s time to scale up your business when you find yourself working through the night just to get most of the work done.

Beast of ecom


  • How do you scale up a business?
  • What’s the first step in scaling up?
  • And how can you do this efficiently and cheaply?

To answer these questions, we have our boy here, Beast of ecom. He’ll show you exactly how he uses to scale up your business. Plus his tried and tested tips to make sure you find the right VA.

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Let me show you exactly how you can scale your dropshipping business by hiring VAs.

What’s poppin people! it’s your boy, Beast of ECOM, back with another video. drop innocent but you already know, value bombs. So, in today’s video I’m gonna show you exactly how you can scale your dropshipping business by outsourcing and hiring a VA.

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So, if you want to scale your dropshipping business you’ve probably ever been in this situation. Or you’re going to be in this situation whereby you’re currently scaling your business you get in terms of orders yet you’re fulfilling all of the orders yourself, manually. However, if you want to scale up to do those bigger days then you’re gonna have to learn how to outsource.

So, in this video I’m gonna show you exactly what platform to use, where to post, what your job adverts should contain, and then how you can go through the process to outsource someone into your team and scale your business to the next level. This is a super valuable video. Don’t skip none of it.

So, let’s quit talking. Let’s jump straight into the computer and start hiring a VA. Ok, so let me show you exactly how you can scale your business by outsourcing and hiring VAs; which is a very, very, very important skill to do if you know if you want to scale your business. You cannot scale your business or grow it to the next level without having the right team. And having the right team, you’re gonna have to learn how to outsource.

So, what I’m going to show you in a video is I’m going to show you exactly the platform that I use. I’m going to show you a real-life live example, as well, of, a job post that I put out there, along with what some of the people have reapplied back to me. So we’ll have a look at those and some really important things that you need to consider as well when hiring a VA. So make sure you don’t skip any of video.

So, the platform that I like to use is Now there’s another one out there called Upwork which I previously did used to use. However, recently I’ve been using for all of my last few recruits into my business. And the reason for that is, is, what I’ve generally found is has, a, as the same if not better quality of VAs out there, however, at a much reduced price in, in labor.

What I’m generally finding, compared to Upwork, of course. So, so yeah, my last few recruits have been through and what is basically a job board for Filipino workers and people in the Philippines. So they come onto this website they look for jobs and, and, yeah, they apply and do things that way.

So let me actually show you what a job post looks like, whether, it looks a lot like a live one that I’ve put live. So, you can see so if I click on my account and if you click on this one here. Now some of the things that you gonna be outsourcing, the first two things that you’re pretty much you’re gonna be outsourcing is your fulfillment and customer service. There are two main things that you’re gonna outsource really quickly. As soon as possible. As soon as you start to generate some revenue themselves because they are the most mundane jobs you may be still be doing them that yourself.

Now, I was doing them myself for a very long time, at nighttime, and pretty much getting no sleep, then going to work the next morning. But, as soon as I, outsourcing it, my life just completely changed. Things got a hell of a lot easier and I was able to scale cuz I was able to focus on, you know, at the time finding products and scaling adverts.

So, as you can see, here I’ve got, “amazing job Shopify, amazing Shopify fulfillment VA needed to start ASAP”. I’m gonna show you how to post this but let me just actually have a look and show you what the job is, what the job post looks like so you can model this one, if you really want to.

So, I put, “Hello my name is Harry and I run an international shipping company that sells products across the world. I’m currently looking for an amazing fulfillment VA to join my growing team. Your role will include fulfilling orders via OBlow or Dropify, import new products from Aliexpress managing and express orders, helping me with small mundane jobs,” you know cuz generally you will have the VA just do small things here and there for yourself.

Then what I’ve put in there is some of the skills and qualifications that they need. So, I put, “must be to pay attention to detail, again there, must be a fast learner,” because you want them to be able to learn and pick up things really quickly so you’re not repeating yourself over and over and over again. “They must be able to work without much management,” they must have great time management skills as well so that they’re actually getting jobs doing on time and things are not lagging behind orders are not being fulfilled, etc. Have experience using OBlow or Dropify,” is obviously very beneficial or whatever platform you’re using if you’re doing Google Docs or CSV. “Must know how Aliexpress works and understand how Shopify works as well,”

So, that is, kind of the qualifications, sorry, that you would ideally look for in a fulfillment VA. Then, of course, I’ve put something down at the bottom which is super super key. So, what I put down there is, “this is a long term, full time. This is long term this will be long term full time and ready for the right candidate to start ASAP.” Now, what I’ve put down here is a really important line, okay? Now, I suggest that you put this line in and every single one of your job applications. I drop my burst. I put it out I put it always in every single one. So I’ve put down there at the bottom I put, “If you have read all of this please add, thank you, one, two, three to your reply”, so I know that you pay attention to do it directions.

So, the reason why I say that is because it’s very easy to follow and it allows me to really quickly sift through some of the applications really quickly. Because if they haven’t put “thank you, one, two, three” in it I pretty much know if they don’t pay attention to detail and I can just completely, just, you know,get rid of those people. No matter how good their, you know, their qualifications or experience, maybe if they don’t follow, that, then, they completely get excluded, in my opinion because they’re just not following directions. So, always put something like that at the bottom of your job application. That way, of course, you can sit through really quickly.

So, let’s just have a look at some, well, firstly let me show you how to post a job. So, if we just click, “post a job” and, obviously, there you’d put in a job title there, you put in the job description which I’ve just put now.
Wage, it gives you an indication here. So 20,000 per month which is Philippines or $400 per month. Generally with the customer VA and, you know, a fulfillment VA you’ll typically be paying around about anything from $300 to $500 per month. And, it could be, obviously, full-time or part-time depending on that. And I generally put in here, obviously, negotiable on experience. So, someone who’s got a little bit more experience, you might want to give them a $500. If they’ve got a little less experience you may want to you know put in their 300. But that’s what a negotiation in the later stages. So, for most I always just put in negotiable on experience.

Employment type. Again, depends on to yourself, on what your requirements are: full-time, part-time, or freelance.

Now, when it comes to ID proof I generally put in here 60. And basically what it is it gives you a description there of what ID proof is. But it’s, it’s basically the higher number that you put fewer applicants will be generated however you’ll get a higher quality of applicants. But I always generally just put in 60.

And here, of course, here are all of the different skills that are required. So, you’ve got to put it in, basically a, is a section.

Now, you can search for anyone on this board. It’s not just for fulfillment and customer service. You can hire a graphic designer. You can hire, you know, someone who can do, you know, ecommerce. Who can do your Google Analytics. Someone who can do a Shopify developer and install things for you or whatever it may be. So, there’s tons of different, you know, VAs that you can hire from this website. And like I’ve mentioned, what I find is that the quality is there and the cost of labor is a lot less than any of the platform that I’ve used previously.

So, let me actually show you some of the replies to the job application that I’ve put out there. So, you can see I’ve got 225 here and some of them have put, “thank you 1, 2, 3”. Some of them haven’t. So, some of them who haven’t I’ll be sifting, you know, I’ll be getting rid of them straightaway.

So, if I click on this top woman here you can see here she’s replied. She’s put a few things here and there some links to her resume. And you, those sorts of things so you’d go through this and if they’re a good fit then, what I like to do is generally like to just star them, so if I go back and I’ve just clicked to star there next to her name and, again, you could sift through these.

Here, this dude’s put, “thank you 1, 2, 3”. You know so he’s put blah – dee – blah – dee – blah, so whatever is. He’s got experience with Gear bobble, Print-on-demand. Has used Dropify, OBlow. Seems like a good fit. So. what I’m, what you do is you would star all the ones and create what’s called a shortlist of people who you want to contact and take further with. So what you do is you star them and as you can see there I’ve starred these lot and you generally build up a shortlist. And then out of that shortlist you’d whittle it down and then start contacting some of these people.
So let’s say we wanted to contact this Felipe dude. And what we would do is we would, we would reply back to his email saying, “Hey Felipe, really cool, like, nice to meet you. Can, let’s jump on a call via Skype or you know whatsapp or whatever it may be.” But generally, I always ask for Skype it’s just a little bit easier you can conduct a real quick interview with these people, gauge how they are. And what I then tend to do is, like, to get to, or wittle it down to, like three people and just get them to do a trial.

Now, you may get them to trial just fulfilling, say, you know, ten orders each, or you know twenty orders each, five orders each, and just see how they, you know, they, they take care of the directions. So create a standard operating procedure, a little directions to follow and see who follows them the best. See who does the best work and again see who’s offering the best price, the best wage, and then just make your hire based off that. So, that is generally what you would what you would do.

And taking things forward, if you wanted to actually, you know, pay them and track them, there’s different stations out there because this is directly with the person. Whereas with Upwork what happens is with op workers you can track them through Upwork. However, upwork take a fee off you for paying your VA and they take a fee from the VA as well. So, pretty much when you’re using you’re cutting out all of those all of those fees. You’re working directly with the VA which allows you to do things much more easier and cut a lot more ongoing costs.

So you can track that time using things like timestation or I personally like to use worksnaps. And then, of course, you can just pay them by a you know PayPal, pretty much is the basic. So there is a cost involved with There’s a free version but you can’t really contact any workers so it’s pretty much kind of redundant. The one I use is the pro one. I use this, this one here, $69 per month. But pretty much what you do is you hire and then you cancel, it’s as simple as that. You hire who you need and you cancel. And they even put it here directly hire workers and you know that’s it. You didn’t recruit, you know, ongoing fees whereas footwork is very much ongoing fees every time you pay your employee and ongoing fees from your ongoing fees for your VA as well. That’s why the costs are a little bit higher as well on upwork is generally.

What I find because the VA is out there are very much focusing VA, VA is on, they have to raise their prices to get the same price because, you know, Upwork are taking a fee out of that. But with, none of that is yet.

So hire who it is you need to hire and ain’t cancel. That’s pretty much what I recommend to do. And, of course, hire again if you need to so. That is how exactly how you hire and scale your business. Remember, time is the most important thing that you do have. So, if you’re, if you personally feel that the jobs that you’re doing right now in your time is worth more than say $3 an hour $4 an hour then outsource those things. And the two main things that you’re going to be outsourcing to start with will be your customer fulfillment and will be customer service so make sure you outsource those things ASAP so you can focus on the money-making tasks.
And that is exactly how you’re going to be able to scale your business to do those five days consistently in six-figure months.

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As I mentioned in the video, I will leave a link down below for Check it out. Check them out and hire your first VA. Or scale your business and outsource those mundane jobs that you don’t want to do.

If you want to learn more from me on a personal basis now, make sure you check out my course ecom beast. You point out down below there is a youtube promo. If you come from YouTube and if you use the code YouTube 100 then you’re gonna get $100 off the course price. Hit me up on Instagram, drop me a like, drop me a DM ,drop me a follow, and we can try and connect on there. And make sure you join a free Facebook mastermind group as well. Tons of people live in there talking about e-commerce, Shopify, dropshipping, all of that good stuff on a daily basis. So make sure you join that. So that is it for this video and I’ll be back with another one. Drop innocent but you already know. Value bombs for the beast gang. Take care and I’ll see you now.

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