My Outsourcing Method is Different than Yours

I started with one.

I have been outsourcing my business tasks to the Philippines by starting with one virtual assistant. He did both routine duties and complicated, essential tasks.

I teach the same principles to business owners and entrepreneurs. What I have taught has changed their businesses and their lives. That group includes entrepreneurs, small-business owners, realtors, lawyers, coaches, dentists, insurance agents, loan officers, internet marketers, SEO specialists, programmers—the list is practically endless.

Still, a lot of people don’t understand what outsourcing really is. Let me explain what this is all about and what it’s not.

What outsourcing is: It’s for you

Business owner Tony Paternite once told me years ago, “I hired my first part-time OFS for $200 a month to work five hours a day. I am completely amazed with how it is going. I am able to get more done with business than I ever thought possible.”

Outsourcing is for anyone who needs more help in their business but can’t justify (or afford) hiring locally. Hiring a local employee is a big deal. It can be expensive, risky, or difficult with government regulations, payroll issues, etc.

If you could benefit from having a full-time worker at a fraction what you’d pay in the U.S., this is for you. If you could benefit from having someone make phone calls, this is for you. If you could benefit from a content writer, a blogger, someone to do your SEO to get your website to the top of Google, or from a programmer or a graphic designer, this is for you. Filipino workers can help grow any business.

What outsourcing is: It’s about automation

1 What outsourcing is Its about automation

One of the biggest driving forces behind my business is automation. Automating tasks means I don’t have to do them myself. If I don’t have to do them myself, I am free to work on my business and make more money. Isn’t that why you’re in business?

Automation can be achieved by machines, by software and by humans. When you outsource to the Philippines, you can automate by using real people who know how to work and think. Filipinos are good at taking over daily assignments and handling them so you don’t have to.

The best way to start automating your business is by determining what tasks you have that can be automated. You’ll be surprised how many of your daily activities you can automate and pass along to your Online Filipino Specialist. These could include simple things such as checking your email, creating web content and blogging, or more challenging duties such as programming or doing research.

What outsourcing is: It’s about having a different attitude

2 about having a different attitude

In order to make outsourcing work for you as a business owner, you need to change the way you think. You need to cast aside all misconceptions and preconceived notions you may have. Hiring an OFS in the Philippines is NOT at all like the outsourcing large corporations do.

A lot of people think hiring an OFS requires babysitting where you have to closely monitor every step the worker takes. People think outsourcing will do nothing but lead to missed deadlines, sloppy work, communication problems and poor relations with customers. Some think outsourcing is much more trouble than it’s worth.

But most of the time, this isn’t the case —at least not the way I do it.

Filipinos are competent, hard-working people who genuinely want to help your business grow. They are thrilled to have a long-term job that offers challenging, rewarding work. My OFSs don’t simply do repetitive, meaningless work. While there certainly are tasks that some might consider menial, I also assign my OFSs to do things such as programming, building websites, writing content, editing video, adding graphics to blogs and web pages, and many, many more things.

This isn’t about holding someone’s hand as they continually struggle. It’s about giving them proper training and then stepping aside while they take over the duties that once occupied your precious time. Yes, it’s vital that you train them, communicate regularly, and follow up. These workers are not helpless. With your help and support they can do great work. You can get more done in your business than you ever imagine, but you have to change your mind-set. Outsourcing to the Philippines works.

What outsourcing is: It’s about going to the right place

3 about going to the right place

I tried outsourcing in other places, but it was mostly ineffective. Once I was advised to go to the Philippines with my business, my life changed. I’m not the only entrepreneur who has thrived by working with Filipinos. I have taught other business owners like myself how to work with people in the Philippines, and they, too, have enjoyed tremendous results.

Business owner Scott Smith told me, “The shift that you taught about moving to the Philippines and trying the Philippines has made a huge impact on my outsourcing life. It really has been a fun experience.”

Another entrepreneur who has followed my system reported, “If it was not for your outsourcing information, I’d still be working with people in India and Pakistan or with another spoiled, overpaid American developer who thinks I owe him the world.”

In the Philippines you’ll find hard-working, dedicated, talented people who are grateful to have a work-from-home job. You’ll quickly learn that these people are loyal, honest, educated and driven to succeed and help you. It’s not that you can’t find these types of people in other places, but these traits are a part of the Filipino culture.

You can get these types of workers at a fraction of the price you’d pay for a contract worker in the United States. In fact, I pay my Filipino VAs between $450 and $900 a month for full-time work. And because the cost of living in the Philippines is considerably less than it is in the United States, this is actually above-average pay for most.

What it’s not: A guide to general outsourcing

I don’t teach one or two simple things about outsourcing and expect it to completely change your business around. I don’t tell people what others have said about going to sites such as Upwork or Fiverr to find freelancers or contractors. This isn’t about striking it lucky and maybe finding a couple of good workers here and there. No, this is about establishing long-term relationships with Filipino workers and giving them full-time, permanent jobs.

What it’s not: A guide for big businesses

I don’t follow the same formula as giant corporations that send entire departments or divisions overseas to set up call centers or customer service teams.

What I do and teach is for small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs like yourself. This is about finding the help you need for your business at an incredibly affordable price. This about starting off by hiring one Filipino VA and having that person perform one task. Over time, you can hire additional VAs and have them work on multiple assignments until you have completely replaced yourself in your business.

What it’s not: About hiring local employees

4 About hiring local employees

As a small-business owner, hiring a team of local full-time employees is probably not an option you can afford. This is why hiring an Online Filipino VA is such an advantage. You can get so much quality work done without having to pay nearly as much. Plus, you won’t have to worry about things such as taxes, insurance, office space and other expenses that come with regular employees.

What I teach isn’t about hiring freelancers or contractors either. These types of workers have little interest in helping move your business forward. They’re simply bouncing from one project to another looking to earn a little extra money. I don’t fault contractors for having this attitude, but as a business owner, it isn’t the ideal way to get long-term projects completed.

Your business will never be the same

When I replaced myself in my business by outsourcing to the Philippines, it was the most liberating feeling I had ever experienced. My business flourished and grew even when I wasn’t doing a lot of the work I had been doing.

Instead, I became the CEO and managed other people who do the work. By hiring Filipino workers you’ll have the same positive experiences I had, and you can watch your business soar.

John JonasAbout John Jonas
John helps business owners learn to outsourcing to the Philippines and replace themselves with virtual assistants.
He founded and owns

He currently employs 14 amazing Filipino workers full-time and loves every one of them. He lives in Utah, has a wonderful wife, 4 amazing kids, and golfs 4-5 times/week.

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  1. Maria says

    We are Filipinos as well and i know how talented and hard working Filipinos are. Do yo have anyone that can do bookkeeping and admin work like calling customers or collecting accounts? Does it even considered in this field of work?

  2. kimoy says

    I am a filipino and I can assure working attitudes of filipinos mentioned in this post are so true, but i am sad about many foreign employers are taking advantage of our attitude towards work and they abused us. Many of my friends working as VA are working even more than 12 hours a day just to make business to grow, but they only pay as of they work only 8 hours many of them paid for $250 per month only, but the worst part is even in restdays they force us to work. They take our lives. Look how ironic is that?

    • says

      Thank you for your interest in Unfortunately, at the moment we’re focusing in providing jobs mainly for Filipinos based in the Philippines. For online jobs within your country, you can try signing up for UpWork or Freelancer.

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