Most In-Demand Jobs for 2021

2020 has been a tough year for most of us. Thankfully, 2021 looks promising. The vaccine is finally here, and the economy is recovering slowly. In fact, we’re starting to see a growing demand for online Filipino specialists.

We asked our HR specialist, Hazel, on her predictions on what would be the most in demand jobs for 2021. Based on what she has observed in 2020 and projecting what employers will be asking for in 2021, here are her recommendations:

1. Social Media Marketer | Digital Marketer

We saw an increase in recruiting requests for social media marketer | digital marketer probably because of Covid 19, a lot of businesses transitioned to a work from home set up. They needed to promote their products in various social media platforms. Requests also include people who are skilled in FB Ads, email marketing, LinkedIn marketing and direct mail marketing.

Social Media VA

2. Real Estate VA

We also saw an increase in request for VA in the real estate industry from Australia, UK, USA and Canada. From Q4 of 2020 there is a steady request for Real Estate VA with proficiency in lead generation, appointment setting, skip tracing, transaction coordination and property management.

Real estate VA

3. General VA

We have a steady request for general VA that will include administrative assistants, executive assistants, data entry. However, more employers eyed applicants who are experienced in various online applications, tools, and CRMs.

General VA

4. E-commerce VA

A similar scenario with Social Media Marketer, we saw an increase in requests for VA with E-commerce background specifically in drop shipping and private label. Most employers would like that their VA has experiences in Amazon, Shopify and other ecommerce platform.

Ecommerce VA

5. Web Developer

Although we have a regular request for web developers (both for Front end and Back end), most clients are looking for someone with an excellent portfolio and those with experience in funnel building.

Web Dev

6. Graphic Designer | Video Editor

Business owners who are heavy in social media promotion also request for graphic designers and video editors. They are looking for people who have a creative way of promoting the product or services through graphic design or video. People with experience in YouTube marketing have an advantage.

Graphic designer

7. SEO Specialist

Business owners and startups would like to engage the services of a SEO specialist to boost traffic. But recently, we saw an increase in demand for off page SEO.


8. Accounting | Bookkeeper

We find an increase in the recruiting request for an Accountant | Bookkeeper especially from the US and Canada. They are looking for people who are certified in Quickbooks and Xero. Other accounting systems include Netsuite and Sage.


9. Customer Service

There is a recent increase in demand for Customer Service especially towards the end of Q3 and Q4 of 2020. Employers are looking for people with experience in order fulfillment, email and live chat, outbound/sales cold calling.

Customer Service

10. Writer

We also saw an increase in request for writers specifically for content and copywriting. Employers also like that their applicants know how to generate / research keywords and that their content is SEO ready.

Writer VA


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