Beyond Expectations – Kimberly’s Success with Her Filipino VA

Kimberly awoke in the morning with the perpetually nagging feeling that something was wrong. Owner of a self-made online marketing firm, Kimberly has to be on top of her company’s task list 24/7 to ensure that things run smoothly. And uncharacteristically, on that particular morning, Kimberly was not.

contact-list-clip-art-hvafq6j“The to-do list!” Kimberly exclaimed aloud as she realized that she had forgotten to assign her virtual assistants their daily duties via video message, as she regularly does.

“I’m going to be SO behind today,” she lamented while sitting in front of her computer to assess how much time had been lost. That pesky sentiment of overwhelming stress (you know the one, the kind that tells you there’s so much to do while simultaneously paralyzing you to unproductivity) crept in as she thought of all the pertinent tasks that had not been completed overnight.

Kimberly drew a deep breath as she clicked her computer on, clutching a mug of warm coffee as though it would offer some solace to the daunting day ahead.

The computer screen flashed awake, and Kimberly braced for the worst. But instead of finding a glaring list of uncompleted tasks, Kimberly discovered that a comprehensive to-do list had been created and completed, along with detailed assignments for the day ahead.k1


“Karla!” Kimberly thought aloud, knowing that the miraculous occurrence could have only been executed by her invaluable and deeply self-motivated Filipino virtual assistant.


And she was right. Karla, a VA that Kimberly had found after a string of disappointing online employees had led her to try, had always proven herself to be a great team player. From data entry, to graphic design and social media promotion, Karla had quickly become an asset to Kimberly’s company.

2pYes, Karla had demonstrated throughout the past year that she was a real keeper, displaying a desire to continually improve upon her skill set while learning new crafts of the business. But Kimberly had never expected the type of loyalty and business-savvy instinct that Karla displayed on that particular morning.

On the flipside, Karla knows that such consistent, well-paying work is a luxury that cannot be taken for granted. When she sat down to begin her work day in the Philippines and saw that there was no daily assignments, Karla knew that she could easily coast through the workday. But the respect that Karla had developed for her hardworking employer, coupled with her innate sense of honor and duty, motivated her to be proactive.

And so goes the symbiotic relationship between virtual assistant and employer- both striving to improve not only the business, but more importantly, seeking to better one another’s lives.

You too can find a Filipino virtual assistant like Karla that’s dedicated, smart and pro-active. Kimberly found her at

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