Karin Carr – What Is A Virtual Assistant?

“I have so many designations, I can’t even remember what they all are!” That’s Karin Carr. A successful, and quite funny, real estate agent for 14 years. She has sold over $50 million worth of properties. In 2015, she created a YouTube channel and used the platform to share her real estate knowledge and educate home buyers. Recently, she has discovered the joys of having VAs, and in her own words, “it’s a game-changer.”  She’s so happy with the VAs she found on OnlineJobs.ph that she wants to share just how her life has changed since hiring them. She created and shared this video to tell us everything that she has learned to make outsourcing work. Like: 
  • what a VA is and what VAs do,
  • when you should hire a VA, and 
  • some best practices in the hiring process.
Basically, she shares what you can do so you can start outsourcing, too! So, go on! Watch the video and who knows, Karin might be able to convince you to outsource by the end.  Outsourcing isn’t just for real estate businesses. Other business benefits from outsourcing, too. Like Jill Sessa’s web development business and Kevin King’s dropshipping business. Check out our blog to find someone in the same niche as you are and read about their success story. You can also learn more about how to get started on hiring Rockstar Virtual Assistants.
John Jonas
About John Jonas John helps business owners learn to outsourcing to the Philippines and replace themselves with virtual assistants. He founded and owns OnlineJobs.ph. He currently employs 14 amazing Filipino workers full-time and loves every one of them. He lives in Utah, has a wonderful wife, 4 amazing kids, and golfs 4-5 times/week. Find John at JohnJonas.com and Facebook. If you liked this you’ll probably also like reading


  1. Josephine B. Sanson says

    I would like to express my intention to join as virtual assistant. Would be willing to be trained.

    Thank you.

  2. Neilda Torion says

    I would like to apply here in onlinejobs.ph but the problem is I don’t have any experience in work but I do love social media or surfing internet. I have a little knowledge in computure. Im waiting to approve my Id to apply for a job here it’s been 4 days still my Id didn’t approve yet

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