How to Hire a Virtual Assistant for your Ecommerce Business

The amazing thing about Reezy is he gets so much work done and he makes it look so easy. He doesn’t look like the entrepreneur that works 40 to 60 hours a week. He’s a high school dropout. He used to be on food stamps. But now, he has made over $5 million in sales and has been featured in the Wall Street journal. He has an ecommerce business, he has a podcast, he blogs, ha makes videos every week. How does he do it all?

The trick is to work smarter, not harder. With virtual assistants, Reezy is able to run his businesses, make more money, and live the lifestyle of his dreams. In this video, he shares how he used to find his rockstar video editor, Judd, and how VAs work on his empire.

What’s up guys, it’s your boy, Reezy and today I’m gonna teach you guys about hiring a virtual assistants. Have you ever hired a virtual assistant? Do you want to hire a virtual assistant? Virtual assistants are amazing but it can be scary and daunting at first as far as how you do it and how you go about it. So this video is going to discuss everything you need to know about hiring a virtual assistant.

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So now we’ve got the background set up we’re gonna get into the topic here, sorry I got distracted by the thrift store.

So if you guys have ever wanted to hire a virtual assistant for your business, I understand your pain and I’m gonna tell you guys all the things you need to know about it to make it easier. So first of, there’s a few places you could get a virtual assistant from you can get one off of Fiverr, you can get one off of Upwork.

But the thing is with those is it’s more of like a one job at a time type thing you’re not necessarily hiring someone to work for your company; you’re hiring someone to do one specific task. And you might be able to develop a relationship with them but it’s pretty much a one-off thing and it’s on Fiverr, Upwork working through them, right?

My favorite resource to use is and they were kind enough to sponsor this video so that I can help you guys understand this and get this message to you.

Now what’s so cool about online jobs? is hands down the best place to get Filipino workers for your business and you’re gonna get really good rates and they’re actually really hard workers and pretty trustworthy. The great thing about online jobs is that when you find an applicant to do the job, they don’t just do the job and they’re done. You actually take them off of online jobs and then you work directly with them, so it’s not like they did a job online jobs takes a cut and then your VA gets paid. You find your VA, they work with you directly, they can become a member of your team like an actual employee of yours, and then you pay them directly, and online jobs take nothing.

So online jobs actually does have a fee per month it’s $69 a month if you want to respond to the replies from the jobs that comes in.

So here’s how it works, basically you post an ad for a job that you need and then people start replying to it. You review those replies and then you basically interview someone in email or you can do a Skype interview and then after that they’re yours and you can cancel your subscription to online jobs. So if you can find an employee in one month it’s only gonna cost you 70 bucks to use online jobs and then bring that employee into your company.

So for me personally, the main hire that I’ve got off as I hired a gentleman named Judd from the Philippines who actually edits all these videos that you’re watching, “Hi Judd” and he works for four dollars an hour which is considerably less than what it would cost for me to do it myself or to hire someone in America to do it but that’s an agreeable wage in the Philippines for editing video.

Now the way that I found my video editor was I wrote a post-up describing the job position and what I needed and what I was seeking. And I included a couple examples of my own YouTube videos that I had edited as examples of what I wanted for quality and what I expected out of this person. Now one thing I like to do for filtering is somewhere in the middle of my job ad I say something silly likes “reply to this message with the subject line that says butterflies are beautiful”. And what this does is it helps me filter out the people that aren’t really reading the job applications that are just math spamming their resumes out to everyone because although I got 150 replies for this job, there was only fifty of them that actually put butterflies are beautiful in the subject line. And I actually ignored everyone that didn’t and then focused on those, went through them, looked at them, looked at their resumes and decided on the candidates that I wanted to contact back.

So out of mine I ended up contacting three people, two others and then Judd. What I really liked about Judd is that when he watched my videos he said I like your videos, it reminds me of Casey Neistat and what that told me is that he actually watches Casey Neistat which is someone that I admire in the YouTube world and he’s a great filmmaker. And so I was like great, he studies well, edited videos this might be a good connection and sure enough when I sent him the sample he also replied the finished product in like less than eight hours. Other people didn’t even reply that they received the sample files until like a day and a half or two days later. Six to eight hours after I sent him the sample files, he actually had sent me a rough draft video at it that I pretty much liked and would post on my YouTube channel.

So that’s the story of how I hired a video editor using and it has saved me an immense amount of time. There’s no way I could put three videos a week upon YouTube unless they were live if I didn’t have an editor so it has changed my life in the way that I do YouTube.

And it can change your guy’s life too and not just for YouTube for all kinds of stuff for your handling your Amazon business your, customer service, for managing your inventory, for doing your accounting, for any type of thing you have in your business you can hire a VA to do it. If you sell on eBay you could just take the photos and dump them in a folder and then have a virtual assistant creating the eBay drafts for you, for you to approve later.

Now when you make your job ad, there’s a bunch of different stuff that you can fill out such as ID verification in different levels. I recommend putting it up a little bit but not too much because the more verification that you require and the more niche out the skill set that you demand the less applicants you’re gonna get and you want to make sure you get enough applicants. And also the less applicants that apply because you put too many filters they’re probably gonna want to be higher paid so you have a better chance of finding someone who’s really good and capable by not putting those filters too high, versus putting them up really high and just limiting the amount of replies that you’re gonna get.

Online jobs is actually really cool they have some guides inside your account once you sign up that can help you understand how to hire a VA and they also have training inside there the free training for your VA to learn how to use Amazon seller central. And I thought that was pretty cool especially since a lot of you guys are Amazon sellers or eBay sellers but what I want you guys to understand is that hiring a VA is not that difficult you just need to jump in and do it and then go through the replies and it might take a while to find a perfect fit. But once you find someone who is a perfect fit it’s gonna change your life immensely, you’re gonna have so much more free time whether you spend that time with your family, whether you spend that time growing your business.

Imagine if you didn’t have to create your eBay listing now you can be outsourcing more stuff to sell on eBay. There’s an endless opportunity with having a VA and everybody can afford and deserves to have a VA in their business. Now personally I am super stoked on, I will be using them for all kinds of stuff in the future, anytime I have anything in my life that can be outsourced. I don’t want to do it myself I’m gonna hire someone else to do it and I’m gonna use to do that and you guys should too.

So when you guys decide to sign up for online jobs and hire you’re first VA click down there in the description, there should be a link for you guys to check it out. Yes that is my affiliate link but don’t worry about it it’s not costing you guys a thing and I am super excited to hear how you guys hired a VA. So if you watch this and you hired a VA, comment down below and let me know what you hired your VA for and how it’s working out.

I have a couple other VA’s that I hired through Fiverr and Upwork and I just happen to get super lucky and find some really good ones but it took me a long time. The process to hire through those platforms was very painful compared to online jobs which basically you just post your ad and then you get a bazillion replies, the floodgates come in and then you just analyse them and then you hire unique.

So there it is a pretty short video, I hope you guys appreciate this and understand the value of hiring a VA and how it can help you free up your time and have a better lifestyle and grow your business faster as well. And also hope you guys like the skateboard backdrop that I set up.

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Eager to try out Reezy’s hiring technique and find your own Judd? Search our database for amazing video editors. Or you can find other online workers by signing up for an employer account. You can also check our our employer training page for more tips on how to hire, manage and train your Filipino virtual assistants.

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