Should I Hire a SEO Specialist – Practical Advice

There are 5 reasons why you should hire SOMEONE to do your SEO.

  1. It’s so easy to find someone to do SEO. There are a lot of SEO specialists out there, especially in the Philippines. It’s not hard to hire someone to do this.
  2. SEO is a long term, on-going task. Good SEO takes time to build. It makes sense to hire someone to work on this full-time rather than a part-time or project basis. 
  3. SEO isn’t that expensive. If you hire an SEO specialist instead of a company, it’s cheaper and the added advantage of having someone who’s focused on your business. 
  4. If you’re not doing SEO, your competition is. If you’re doing SEO, your competition will overtake you in the search engine rankings.
  5. There’s so much traffic out there that you should be taking advantage of. If you don’t do SEO, you’ll be missing out on all those potential leads.

As I mentioned in reason #1, one of the best places to find an SEO specialist is the Philippines. In fact, if you want to find a virtual assistant, web developer or graphic designer, you can’t go wrong with the Philippines. Their culture makes them ideal for outsourcing and if you do it right, it can help scale up your business at an astonishing rate. 

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You can also check out how to get started on hiring Rockstar Virtual Assistants.

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