From Self-Employed to Stable Business Owner

Jesse Razo had dreams of running his own business but couldn’t seem to get it off the ground. He has the customers. His business WANTS to grow. He’s already overworked, one man doing the job of 10, but it’s still not enough. Jesse knows he can’t be the only one working on his business.  Once he started outsourcing, he finally had the business, and life he always wanted.

Jesse’s story in his own words

I’ve been in information technology for over 15 years and decided to launch my own small business consulting company, Razor Sharp Networks.  I opened a hosting/sales & marketing automation consulting company about 8  years ago and could not figure out how to support the solution(s) that I was selling.

My growth arc consisted of peaks and valleys like most people who are self-employed.  I was not able to create steady growth which created a lot of uncertainty in my business and even more stress on my family.  I would sell, then die servicing the new customer.  Not having the time to go out and sell was a really big challenge for me in the beginning.

Ian, my very first hire.

This lead to very slow growth over the first year.  That is when I hired my first webmaster/developer from the Philippines (Ian).

He opened my eyes and started to take the support burden off my plate.  I began to see what outsourcing to the Philippines could do for my company.

And this is Ciryl.

After that, I began hiring more and more…currently I have 1 full-time user support specialist (Ciryl) who manages my entire support process through Zendesk.  He is amazing and provides Tier 1 support to our entire customer base.  Whatever he is not able to resolved he escalates to Web Support (Ian, Anna) who make up my development team along with my InfusionSoft specialist (Mark).  I also have one virtual admin (Ronie) who helps me with all of my administrative projects.

This one’s Anna.

My last hire was recent (Jemimah), she was hired to work with my local videographer (Erik) to caption, transcribe and create video content for my new personal brand.  Erik is amazing at recording and polishing content but expensive to handle the small details w/ syndication of content.

And this is Mark.

All are fulltime salaried employees, have access to company tools, email, SLACK, etc…and all have been an important part of my business growth.  I like to integrate them into my system to reduce distractions and streamline communications.

Once I got the support piece figured out, I was able to focus on sales…and now I am creating faster than ever before.  I plan on continuing to build my business with the help of my Filipino team.  I source good employees through my hiring process (30 day paid probation period – $100 bonus to the top performers every 2 weeks) and will continue to refine how I do business in the Philippines.

Like Jesse, you can get more things off your plate and get more done. You can start outsourcing today by signing up for an employer account.

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