Don’t Get Stuck; Change Your Business, Change Your Life

I don’t know what to do.


Jelly legs

My pulse is thumping. Each breath is deafening. I feel the sweat bead and run down my forehead. I swear my heart relocated to pound in my ears and stomach and palms at the same time.

‘Fight or flight’ rips through me with adrenaline, and everything around me appears sharp and bright. My stomach is heaving.

As I weigh my chances, I make a split decision. I hope I survive that decision:

I run.

I pivot to sprint in the opposite direction. I’m sure I can get to safety fast enough. But something is very wrong.

I’m stuck. My legs are filled with lead and I. Can’t. Move.

No matter how I struggle.

Is this normal biological response?! Am I having a nervous breakdown in the middle of a fight or flight reaction? Am I going to DIE? All race through my head. I make a final attempt to lift my cemented right leg as my life flashes before my eyes…

And then I wake up.

You’ve had that one, right? The one where you’re running through quicksand, evading certain death and then you wake-up, pinned to sweaty sheets, re-living your pending doom?

I don’t go for the whole dream-analysis/astrology thing. I figure you work for what you get and YOU have total power over the choices you make every minute. And those choices are what create your life.

But the paralysing feeling of “being stuck” is something all business owners can relate to. Whether you’ve had the dream or not. And sometimes, waking up every morning to remember how “professionally stuck” you are is a much more realistic nightmare. One that’s considerably harder to escape.

Every morning, you enter that life-sucking vortex-cave (ehem, I mean “home office”) and some days you emerge to find it’s eaten your time, your budget, your motivation and basically…your soul.

Because everyday it bombards you with the same stresses. And it’s crippling.

The same deadlines.
The same human and financial limitations.
The same routine tasks that keep you from growing your business.
The same tuna sandwich for lunch.
And the time on the clock is never enough.

Tuna’s gross. And I’m here to prove to you that no matter how taxed you feel in time and creativity, or how sick you are of eating your paycheck, you DO NOT have to be stuck.

preview-full-tired e

No, I am never ever getting this done, ever!

I’m going to prove it with hundreds of business owners who have taken control of their businesses and turned their soul-sucking vortexes into dreams.

And I’m giving you hope in the form of tens of thousands of potential employees, ready to help you grow your business and rescue you from the daily grind.

That’s right. You can fund your own business-and-life-saving mission for less than $2.75 an hour. That’s all it costs to hire a virtual assistant with After working with thousands of Filipino assistants over the last decade, I’m convinced that outsourcing to the Philippines is the equivalent of small business CPR and, overtime, HGH. And hundreds of small business owners who’ve used to hire Filipino assistants agree with me.

Look at Nate and his happy virtual assistant team.

…or like Mariah, who personally wrote to say:

mariah 2I wanted to let you know how incredible my Virtual Assistant is that I found through OnlineJobs.Ph. I had been using other freelancer sites, spending a lot of time and money trying to find new people, with hit-and-miss results. After learning about your site… I knew this would be the place to get quality help.

Arlo, my Virtual Assistant for the past 3 months that I found through you, takes the cake. He is all I could want in an assistant, and more, and in a price range I can afford as someone who is very new in my business.4

His English is impeccable, capturing the nuance and style of language needed to take creative control with repurposing my content into multiple social media platforms. He is versatile, prompt, and incredibly eager to learn and take on new tasks. I’m so thankful that even as a new entrepreneur with a day-job, I can afford to free up my time in key areas to focus on other things in my business. Plus, the work he does in social media is usually much better than I could do! Thanks,!
—Mariah S.

Or take it from any of these other successful business owners:

3I’ve employed a number of people from [the Philippines] over the years. My last was a husband and wife combo, for about 3.5 years. Best decision I have made. Well worth it.

—Carl V.

2I used to find my full-time writer and I’m getting ready to hire a full-time social media memeber to my team. This is an awesome site and I highly recommend them.

—Brandon M.

A huge thanks to both John & Dan for the provision of this most valuable service… [I was] Snowed under with technical / time consuming tasks for my portfolio of websites – in the end I looked at the outsourcing solution, specifically taking on workers from the Philippines.… has been a real blessing.

Very quickly I was able to search through all of the bang up date current resumes for the skills which I needed. [I] Shortlisted a few names, contacted these individuals and within 2 short days, arranged to take on one highly qualified young man. Now, several weeks later this young man is still with me and his knowledge simply astounds me. He is a very quick and able worker, able to carry out any task that I send his way with minimal hand-holding or supervision.

Ultra fast he has been an absolute blessing to my business, allowing me to concentrate on other jobs which I can do very well, rather than previously struggling for hours on end on technical matters which I struggle with. Overall, this has pushed up my bottom line profits dramatically and none of this would have been possible without… A massive thumbs up to the guys (John & Dan)

—-Mark A.

I was able to hire one writer from and I love her! She is working out wonderfully. Here is a great story about that! I have Been paying her once a week through paypal 1250 php (just gave her a raise but that is what it was when this incident occurred) Anyway, I accidentally paid her in US dollars, so 1250 US instead of 1250 PHP. So I paid her about 10 months salary, and she could have just kept it and I never heard from her again, BUT she actually returned it!!!! I feel like I found a gem in her. Someone I can trust, who is smart and reliable. I would recommend this service to anyone! 🙂

—Staci G.

[I] Jumped on the website, found 20+ great resumes, sent them what I was looking for, online & Skyped interviews and hired a great guy to handle most of the SEO work for my rapidly expanding online, social media marketing company… The guy’s great and he works for $1.98 an hour. I LOVE the Philippines!!

—Chasen C.

preview-full-fle emp skypeRight now, there are over 200,000 highly qualified and specialized Filipino worker resumes posted on They are waiting to relieve you and manage the daily stresses of your small business. Most of them are highly educated individuals who will be loyal, effective, hard-working and profitable employees. They can take almost anything off your plate, and their specialties include:

  • SEO Specialists
  • WordPress Experts
  • Proficient copywriters
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Talented Graphic Designers
  • PHP Programmers
  • Social Experts
    And more

Outsourcing to the Philippines with is the answer. It’s been proven time and time and time again. If it didn’t work, I wouldn’t be living the 17-hour work week along with hundreds of other outsourcing business owners who’ve used

preview-full-g to bed

Go to bed with 1 less worry every night…

I don’t have those “getting stuck” nightmares anymore. Because every time I hire another Filipino VA, I propel myself and my business a little further forward. And every time a small business owner liberates themselves by outsourcing with, a soul-sucking vortex-cave dies. No, really.

You started your business with serious dreams, don’t get stuck. Hiring with will change your business, change your life and help you sleep better at night.

Shelane TuttleAbout Shelane Tutle
Shelane Tuttle is a full-time mother and part-time writer. She loves music and reading, is a terrible cook, and thrives on learning/teaching others about new things, like outsourcing.

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