How We Deal With Holidays and Paid Time Off – Practical Advice

I received an email from Mike asking me how I deal with holidays and time-off with the Online Filipino Specialists (OFS).

Mike said he gives his 14 OFS 25 days off a year. He found that rather than going into the specifics on US versus Philippines holidays and time-off, he gives his OFS 25 paid days off throughout the year. 

This is a great idea! Giving your OFS a fixed number of paid days off gives them the ability to plan ahead, and they’d feel your trust. 

Speaking of holidays and paid time-off – I often receive questions about how we go about it with our OFS at Honestly, I don’t really track my OFS’ times off. They can take as much time-off as they want or need; All I ask them is to let me know.

I don’t really care which holidays they’re taking off or how they spend their days-off; as long as I am kept in the loop and made aware beforehand, that’s good enough for me. Some of my OFS go on vacation but still take a little time off their day to check on their tasks, which is great!

My OFS being sick doesn’t count, of course. I don’t have to be told ahead of time because no one knows when they’re going to need medical attention, but I would like to know as soon as they can so I’ll know how I could help.

Maternity and paternity leaves are something else. This crash-course should help.

Our blog has many practical tips like this one. Head on to our outsourcing education page to catch the whole series.

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