Changing lives with outsourcing: a two-way street

Outsourcing creates more time for James to be with his family and pursue the things he loves. It also gives him the opportunity changes the lives of his Filipino workers for the better.

James worked for years in manufacturing, building and creating. He watched three jobs in a row get moved to other countries, and it left a bad taste in his mouth for outsourcing.

But James also knew his work in manufacturing wouldn’t scale his income, and he wanted to have more time with his family and provide for his daughter’s future. He started exploring other options, and that’s when James read the 4-hour workweek by Timothy Ferris.

His outlook on outsourcing flipped on its head. With help from Filipino workers, James created several marketing and web-development businesses, including Ventin. He specializes in helping businesses develop and improve their online presence. “In my experience, businesses are great at what they do, but not great at developing an online presence,” he says.

Over the last decade, James has worked with hundreds of businesses to create websites and optimize their online marketing, including the historic “church studio” in Tulsa.


In his opinion, the key to outsourcing lies in managing Filipinos the “right way,” which he learned to do from John Jonas and the team. One of James’s managing secrets? His past work in manufacturing taught him that workers do best when they master and perform one task – whatever they love and are best at.

In the 10 years James has been outsourcing, he’s “hired assistants, social media marketers, project managers, full-stack developers, graphic designers, web designers, front-end developers, motion graphics…a little bit of everything.” He’s hired over 20 Filipino workers who love what they do, and they’ve become “like family.”


James hired Filipino workers and it has made all the difference to him.

Not only did outsourcing create freedom for James, it gave him the chance to create and take care of his “work family.” He says, “I…get skilled help from people who want to do good work in exchange for providing them with an income that could change their lives.” It’s a win-win opportunity.

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  2. Ivie Marie Quiapo says

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      • Antonio Felices says

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  3. Rosalie B. Tabuan says

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      ID Proof is about providing lots of information to help determine your identity. If you only provide a small amount of honest information, then you’ll have a low ID trust score.

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    • Anatalia says

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