Why Hire Filipino Workers



Filipino workers aren’t necessarily more talented than workers From other countries BUT…

They’re more loyal, honest,
and don’t want to steal your business ideas.

You can hire full-time staff in the Philippines
for $300 – $750/month.

They’ll help it grow.

They’ll solve problems with you
(if you’ll let them).

Having full-time Filipino staff allows you to more easily work ON your business than other types of outsourcing

They can automate processes for you.

They can take care of your website.

They can generate traffic for your website.

They can do customer service.

And, since they want to work for you long-term, you only have to train once, unlike when you hire a contract worker (from upwork or freelancer).


Filipinos are very pleasing and warm (culturally)

As you hire them, you’ll grow to love your staff.