Case Study: Hiring and Managing Large OFS Teams with Paul Staten

Hiring and Managing Large OFS Teams with Paul Staten: How SEO Werkz grew to a team of almost 100 Filipino Specialists Paul Staten is an Inc. 500 CEO and a serial entrepreneur. His online marketing company, SEO Werkz, was featured in the Inc 500 list of 2016 at #246. He currently employs 35 stateside employees […]

Case Study: OFS for Network Marketing and Coaching – A Case Study with Drew Grimm

Drew and Lacey Grimm are a husband and wife team who run The Schoolhouse Life Podcast and They’ve been homesteading for almost 20 years and they love to share their passion with others through their business. The pillars of Schoolhouse Life include homesteading, homeschooling, natural medicine and entrepreneurship.  Tell us about The Schoolhouse Life […]

Case Study: Design and Marketing OFS – A Case Study with Vincent Aguirre

Vincent Aguirre is the owner of Distinct, a marketing and web design company based in Greencastle, Indiana. The bulk of Distinct’s creative work is done in the Philippines by Vince’s capable team of Online Filipino Specialists. Vince shares his experiences of building trust and systems with his team that have contributed to their success. Tell […]

Case Study: Virtual Assistants for Ecommerce with Brenda Albano

Brenda Albano is the owner of, and She started back in 1998, when Ecommerce was still in its infant stages. Brenda grew her businesses from the ground up while raising and homeschooling five children. Today, Whole Family Products and Beyond Fertility continue to thrive with help from a dedicated team in the […]

Case Study: VAs for Podcasting – Mentor Nation Podcast with John Abbas

John Abbas is a native of Nashville, Tennessee and the creator of Mentor Nation Podcast. John Abbas grew up “super poor” in Nashville, TN. He didn’t know anything about business or money, but he knew he didn’t want to be dependent on his parents for any kind of support.  One day in his  high school […]

Case Study: Blogging and Podcasting Virtual Assistants – Brett Lindenberg

Brett Lindenberg is the owner/operator of and He also hosts the Food Empire Pro podcast. began as an online information resource for aspiring food truck owners. Since they got started (back in 2013), they’ve branched out to cover all kinds of food businesses from food trucks to coffee shops to restaurants. Their […]

Case Study: Hiring an OFS for Entrepreneurs – Tobe Brockner

Tobe Brockner is a long-time entrepreneur with a fascinating and practical business model. Tobe is the creator of Repurpose Initiative, a virtual knowledge-share community for entrepreneurs and business owners. The virtual community is filled with seasoned individuals who provide training and support for one another in their individual areas of expertise. Tobe runs the community […]

Case Study: Virtual Assistants for Online Video Marketing – Brian Onesto

Brian is the creator of LA Data nerds, a company that specializes in creating original content (primarily video content) for Real Estate agents all over the country. They also offer services for agents directed at overall branding and marketing, like connecting them to referral partners for long-term strategy, paid advertising and website development services. How […]

Case Study: Web Design VAs and Filipino Developers – Johannah Barton

Johannah Barton is the creator of Confetti Design, a web design and development company in Melbourne, Australia. Johannah has been using for the past ten years and has great wisdom to offer outsourcing entrepreneurs who are ready to hire their next Filipino VA.  Tell us about your business Confetti Design is a Digital agency […]