Studying Abroad – Like a Boss

Everybody has a dream they weren’t able to pursue because of uncontrollable circumstances. However, there are also blessings in life that allow us to finally reach for our dreams.

For Donabel, our email and chat support representative, it was her o16389296_10210647173389495_626281368_online work that enabled her to study abroad and take the first step closer to her life-long dream… becoming a nurse.

“I graduated with a degree in nursing, but there were no available jobs in the Philippines. I ended up becoming a call center agent for  BPO company in Cebu. It really wasn’t ideal. I was far from home, family and friends. I was thankful because at least I had a means of income, but when my mother got sick, it was impossible for me not to go home.”

Without a job and a sick mother to take care of, things were looking down for Donabel. “I was really worried, but fortunately, my husband came to my rescue.” Donabel’s husband has been working for as a developer. “We were lucky because just weeks after I returned home, Ray (my husband) informed me that John was looking for  a customer support representative. I applied and luckily got accepted. That meant I could still earn, and take care of my sick mom.”

This was only the start for Donabel, because as her mom’s health grew better, her blessings also started pouring in. She received news that her student Visa application for Ausralia has been approved. “I was ecstatic. I could finally study the Aged Care Course in Sunraysia Institute that I applied for, and best of all, I didn’t even have to worry about leaving my job. I could still do it on the side, even if I was in a different country. That lessened the financial burden, I could study and work at the same time.”

Here are a few photos of Donabel in her school in Australia:

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“For a lot of readers out there, my story seems strange. Most people stop working abroad in order to be with their family in the Philippines. My case is unique because it has always been my dream to be a nurse. My online work is what is making my dream slowly possible.”

“Of course, I miss my family but we plan to move her once we are ready, so we can still be together. I am super thankful to John Jonas and Dan Goggins of Onlinejobs for making all this possible for me and my family.”

“It’s not always work for me though, on school breaks, I get to visit my relatives in Sydney and Canberra. Here are a few photos.”

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20170110_215318 (1)

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Donabel’s story may be different, but it inspires more Filipinos to reach for their dreams. Having a job that allows you the flexibility to work anywhere is a great factor, eliminating boundaries that stop you from reaching your dreams.

And if you’re looking for a great customer support representative like Donabel, just get started an


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