5 Steps to Recruit and Hire Top-Notch Filipino Workers

You want well-rounded, talented, loyal and enthusiastic Filipino workers. You want the best. Want to know how you can get them? Use our proven 5-step process below to help attract and hire the best online Filipino specialists. #1: Attract the Best Candidates with a Great Job Post The most qualified Filipino workers are attracted to […]

Why I Keep Refusing ‘Worker Reviews’ for OnlineJobs.ph

“You should encourage employers to write more reviews about workers!” I get this suggestion a lot. And I understand why you want it. But I still say NO. Why? A couple of reasons: Because reviews encourage short term work. Because 90% of our customers are successful entrepreneurs or small-business owners who understand the cost of […]

17 Best Tasks to Outsource to Your Filipino VA

Effective training and communication are the keys to success. Add an Online Filipino Specialist to the mix, someone you can entrust with almost everything, you’d be unstoppable. So how do you get Online Filipino Specialists to start working on your business? There are two ways to assign work. First, you can teach them what you […]

Becoming The CEO of Your Business – Hope Comes From The Philippines

Many business owners are apprehensive about outsourcing. I’ve had many tell me that they don’t want to do it because they can do the work better and faster than anyone else. They ask, “Why hire someone else to do something you’re more capable of doing?” More often than not, business owners believe they’re the only […]

What To Do On Day 1 With Your Filipino VA

Found “The One”? That amazing, rockstar VA that you’ve been waiting for? Welcome your new virtual assistant with an email! This email is the most important email between you and your new VA. Here are a few essential you need to put in this email. Welcome them to your business This is a new chapter […]

How to Narrow Down Job Candidates

OnlineJobs.ph has more than 1 million profiles available. Whether you’re looking for writers, programmers, web developers, internet marketers, SEO specialists, graphic artists or virtual assistants, there is no shortage of talented Online Filipino Specialists (OFS) here. Let’s be real though. No matter how many skillful candidates out are, it’s just not easy to find the […]

How I Create Awesome Artwork for Onlinejobs.ph

My name is Christopher D. Barrientos. I am 27 years old and live in Iligan City in the Philippines. From the time I first heard of onlinejobs.ph back in 2008, I’ve done a variety of different work. But nothing is as exciting and enjoyable as what I do now. As an outsourced worker, I first […]

7 Secrets Nobody Knows About Hiring Filipino Virtual Assistants

Thousands of business owners have had tremendous success in replacing themselves in their business by outsourcing to the Philippines. You can do it too! Let’s uncover some of the secrets of how outsourcing can help your business thrive. Secret #1: Don’t need to hire local employees Outsourcing your work to the Philippines means you won’t […]

7 Tools My Team and I Use to Communicate and Collaborate

Communication is the very key to progress. That said, frequent, effective communication with your virtual assistant isn’t just a good idea, it’s essential to your success and theirs. Keep in mind that when you bring a VA onboard, they know little, if anything, about your business. While your VA will certainly have skills and experience […]