Philippine Holidays in 2017 and 4 Ways to Deal with PTO

When you work with a Filipino virtual assistant, it pays to know when the Philippine holidays will be. In most cases, your Filipino worker would expect paid time off (PTO) especially during the regular holidays. If you want to specify that would VA would be working over these holidays, you would have to offer over […]

Have You Talked To Your Virtual Assistants About Rogue One Yet?

Do you know what your virtual assistants do for fun? Have you asked them about their interests? Did you know that they paint, cook really well, or watch the same series and movies as you? You are going to find out the most interesting things about your VA if you asked. They’ll be willing to share. […]

Travelling With My Family – Like a Boss

Hazel is the HR specialist of OnlineJobs.Ph. If you’ve ever been a vetted worker, if you’ve ever wanted to a hire a vetted worker, you’ve already communicated with our charming team mate. Apart from helping Filipinos get jobs or helping employers get Virtual Assistants, she’s a really awesome mom. She likes to take trips and […]

Mountain Biking – Like a Boss

The Onlinejobs team is made up of a variety of talented and interesting virtual assistants. Today’s post is about one of our developers, Raymund. We all know that he’s a sharp and funny guy who is always there when we need help despite his busy day. However, like other members of the team, there are […]

Freelancers vs. Employees: Why Neither Worked in My Business

As a kid, I always wanted to have my own business. I had dreams of doing things my way and making it big. But as I tried to start my own business, things weren’t looking good. I felt like I was going nowhere, and I didn’t like it one bit. It wasn’t at all what […]

What a Filipino Rock-Star VA looks like…and how you can create one!

Your Online Filipino Specialist is a human being. Imperfect. If you expect this person to be a superstar from day one, you’ve set your sights too high. No doubt, you will be disappointed. But that doesn’t mean that your OFS can’t completely astound you with off-the-charts good work. In time, they definitely would. Here are […]

Visiting Japan- Like a Boss

jenesys 2016

Last month, I had the opportunity to visit Japan and learn about their culture. Best of all, I was able to represent the country as a female entrepreneur. The Japanese International Cooperation Center or JICE is an organization established by Japan to implement international cooperation activities. One of the programs they run is the Jenesys (Japan-East […] Social Media Expert Wins Award

Julia Sta. Romana

The team is ecstatic. Our social media expert, Julia just won an award. Yey! Here’s a picture of her carrying her 5 kilo trophy.   After posting that photo, she was bombarded with our comments and chat messages of pizza and balloons. We’ve always known that Julia was a great writer, and this award […]

Does Age Matter When Applying for a Virtual Assistant Job?

Many people in their 40’s and above message us, afraid that they don’t have it in them anymore to work online. Some even asked us if it was possible to hide their age from their profile. Hence the question, “Does Age Matter When Applying for a Virtual Assistant Job?” The answer is ONE BIG NO. […]