Keeping our Virtual Assistants and Employers Safe and Informed about Covid-19

Message from for our Filipino Virtual Assistants

During this challenging time, one benefit of our system in is that our employers and virtual assistants are safer in their homes.

While there may be some businesses who are struggling with the move from an office-based set-up to home-based, we assure you, based on our success, that it is possible, and productive.

While this home-based set-up is safer for everyone, we would still like to urge care and caution.

We’d like to remind everyone to be responsible internet users. Spread helpful information and verify news, especially if it may cause panic.

Keep communication between employer and virtual assistants open to make sure that no one worries.

Celebrate the fact that you are able to work from home, knowing you’re with your family, and that you’re safe. Teach others looking for work how to use the platform, and gain the freedom to work from anywhere. will be business as usual, serving employers all over the world, and virtual assistants from the Philippines.

Stay calm, stay productive, and stay safe.


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