How To Get Your Dream Job In 6 Steps

Ever since I started working online people have been telling me how lucky I am. And I am lucky. I have a job that pays well, let’s me work at home at my own pace. Working online for the past 8 years has allowed me to gain a ton of skills that brought me personal and professional recognition.

So when people find out that I do work online, they almost always ask how I got my dream job. And when I give them my answer, some of them are disappointed by it. I think it’s because they were hoping I would say that it was easy, that the job was just given to me, and I can help them get that same job just as easily.

But to be honest, finding that dream job online wasn’t that easy. I admit it was easier back then when I first started. There was less competition and the rewards were greater. But with more people all over the world looking for work online, I can see that IT IS tougher to find that dream online job now than it was before.

That’s why as Filipino workers, we need to raise our game if we want to continue to be more competitive. Anyone with a computer, internet connection and rudimentary knowledge of the English language can do data entry. Really good transcription software is cheaper and can work just as well as a human transcriptionist. A really good smartphone can do simple image editing.

So what can we do, as Filipino workers, to cement our claim as online rockstars? Here are some of the things we need to do today!

  1. Take advantage of what you know and make it better.

One of the questions people often ask me when it comes to online work is “What can I do online?”. If you want to find your dream job, this isn’t the right question to ask. Mainly because there’s so many different jobs out there it’s impossible to say outright what anyone can do online.

Another reason is because if you want to succeed as an online worker, you have to know what you’re doing & like what you do.

The thing about online work, unlike traditional careers, is it’s not about the job title. It’s about your skills and your professionalism. That’s why I often recommend that people start with what they already have. What are your interests? What skills do you currently have and would like to improve on?

When you’re naturally interested in what you are doing, it’s easier to be better at that job. The better you are, the better the job offers, the higher the salary.

wrried va vrsion

Think of it this way. Let’s say you want to be a programmer simply because it pays more but you’re not really into it. So you force yourself to do a job you have no interest in doing. In the long run you will get bored and you’ll start hating your job. If you’re not really interested, you won’t have any motivation to improve. Most likely you’ll end up as a mediocre programmer at best. You won’t get paid as much or get as much work as a programmer who actually likes what they’re doing and goes out of their way to be the best.

So the first step of finding that dream job is to figure out what you like to do. It’s easier to learn the skills you need when you’re doing something you’re naturally interested in. Potential employers will see your interest. And they do prefer applicants who like what they do because they know you’ll show the same enthusiasm once they are offered that job.

  1. Show your personality by making your applications personal.

The scary thing about applying for online jobs as a newbie is you know you’re competing with workers who have more skills and experience. Sending a form or template applications would make things easier but it’s also the fastest way to have your application ignored. You’re not going to stand out of your application is going to look like everybody else’s.

From our experience here at we have seen a lot of employers sometimes choose newbies over ‘experienced’ workers because they have made their applications PERSONAL.

How do you make a job application personal?

  1. Read the job post carefully and thoroughly,
  2. Follow the instructions listed there (if any) to the best of your ability,
  3. Do your research. Learn more about the business and what the job might entail,
  4. Put all of this in a custom cover letter that explains why your experience and your personality make you the ideal candidate.

I know from experience that this has DEFINITELY helped me land one of my first jobs. When I first started applying for online writing jobs was intimidated because I knew I wasn’t a professional writer. I’m not native English speaker and I can’t write like one. But when I sent out applications I would often include a cover letter. In that letter, I would explain why I believed I would be a good fit for the job.

One of the first jobs I applied for was to write a series of articles on how to make hotels more family friendly. When I read that job post, I included in my cover letter that I would have more insight on the topic because I’m a mom. I understood how stressful it can be when you bring your kids to a hotel for some R&R. I can write from experience what hotel amenities I would like to see to make my stay more pleasant.

I got the job.

My employer chose me over other writers who were native English speakers. He said that the reason he chose me was because he saw that I understood what he needed. I worked for him for almost a year and he even recommended me for other writing jobs. We’ve been friends ever since.

  1. Fill out a complete profile.

You wouldn’t let a stranger in your home. No one would. Who knows what that stranger would do? At best, they’ll do nothing. Or worse, they could steal from you.

It’s the same for business owners. Hiring a new employer is a scary process for them. It’s like handing over your house keys to a stranger. So you can’t blame them if they pass over jobseeker profiles that contain barely any information on the application. Because how can you trust someone if you don’t know anything about them.

So if you want prospective employers to trust you, give them all the information they need to make good hiring decisions.

  • Upload a good photo so they’ll know there’s a real person behind the resume.
  • Upload a good government ID to prove that you are one of the rockstar Filipino workers they’ve heard about.
  • Don’t just list down your skills, show them! If you’re an expert in a skill, say, WordPress, then prove it. Share when did you learn how to do WordPress and what did you do to hone those skills? Do you have examples of your work? If you can’t produce the proof, you really can’t blame an employer for not taking your word for it.
  1. Make your public social media profiles/posts more professional.

If you have public social media posts or profiles, don’t be surprised if prospective employers would want to check it out.

Why would they do that? It’s now standard hiring practice to check an applicant’s social media profile to confirm their identity. And since employers will be checking out your social media, why not use it to your advantage?

Make sure that your information on social media is consistent with your profile. This is especially important if you have a common name. You wouldn’t want to be passed over for a job simply because you were mistaken for your namesake on social media.

Another thing you can do is to use social media to showcase skills or work experience that’s not on your jobseeker profile. Use social media to confirm what’s on your resume. Show off your work, trainings you have attended, professional groups you are a part of, etc.

  1. Rate yourself honestly. 

It’s easy to under-rate your skills especially if you’re just starting out. And it’s perfectly understandable. That’s why it’s important that you leverage on your current skills, knowledge and interest (see #1). That way you don’t enter the jobs marketplace as a complete newbie. You can be confident and fair when it comes to judging your own skills.

BUT, it’s also just as important not to overrate yourself. When you overrate you’re basically lying. And once you get caught it’s just going to bring you a world of trouble. It’s so easy for disgruntled employers to share their experience of applicants who lie on the profile with other business owners online. We’ve seen so many workers have their reputations destroyed because of this. Most of them had a tough time finding jobs all because of a simple lie.

What’s worse is it gives employers the impression that Filipino workers, in general, lie on their profile. This problem affects ALL of us. So just be honest in your skill ratings. Let’s show the world that honesty is a trait shared by rockstar Filipino workers.

  1. Apply for jobs you ARE qualified for. 

Employers are inundated with job applications everyday. Most of them just end up in the spam folder because prospective employers do know what they’re looking for. They automatically ignore applicants who don’t really fit the bill.

VA registering in OJ

So it’s better to just apply for jobs you know that fits your skills. Yes, this would mean you’ll be applying to fewer jobs. But it also means that you’re more likely to stand out from crowd because you’re actually qualified for the job.

Another advantage is that even if you don’t get the job, you’re more likely to be remembered or shortlisted for future openings. Hiring managers keep records of ALL qualified applicants, especially if they have plans to hire again in the future.

But I still don’t have an online job!

Now, let’s say you’ve done all the things mentioned above and you still haven’t found your dream job. You’ve been applying for x number of jobs for y number of weeks and you’ve had zero responses. What can you do? What did you do wrong? Why aren’t you getting that dream job that everybody else seems to have?

Honest answer? You just have to be patient. Like I said, the jobs marketplace is more competitive that it used to. Employers now have options from all over the world. And the hiring process does take time.

And I know that rejections are hard to take. But remember that a rejection doesn’t always mean “no”. Most of the time, it simply means “not right now”.

So if you do get a rejection, don’t burn bridges. Leave a good impression instead. A gracious follow-up email to a rejection would do just the trick. This allows you to maintain a relationship with the business so they’re more likely to remember you when a job does open up in the future. A good impression could also open other opportunities because if they like you they recommend you to other businesses.

I hope these tips can help bring you closer to you dream job. To Filipino online workers already living the dream, what do you have other tips you want to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. HSANTOS says

    Hi there.

    Is it necessary to include my resume on the message field when hitting the apply button? Or just simple providing context on why you are best fit for the position is enough? I have submitted several applications but did not attach my resume (though my profile link was included) and haven’t receive any response yet.
    Your thoughts is very much appreciated.


      • says

        Applying here in is the same as applying a job in real life. Make sure your profile/application is attractive enough to convince employers to contact and hire you.

        You can apply for any of the jobs posted here or on our website by signing up for an jobseeker account. It’s completely free and takes only minutes to apply. Having a jobseeker account also gives you access to thousands of new online jobs daily.

        To start the registration process, just follow this link ===>

        Once you’ve completed your profile, you can start searching for the job that you want here ===>

        You can find a wide variety of full-time, part-time and project-based jobs there, from data entry, design, writing, programming, and more!

        The job posts would contain all the information you need to apply for that position.

    • Maika says

      What I do is I either give link to my google doc file or my linkedIn profile. But since I’m just new to doing and finding online work, I still don’t know how I will I impress employers.

    • Kent Besonaya says

      I spent time reading this and indeed it was a prolific reading experience.
      Thank you for the words and encouragement. I really learned a lot of personal values from you.

      God bless and more power!

  2. jeanjanen jayme says

    To the one who posted it here, I thank you very much. This is exactly what is happening in my status as applicant right now. And as a matter of fact, I am on the point that there is no hope to get a job anymore but something popped in and I clicked it and then I was routed to this page. Thank you for your motivational words, it helped me a lot. I will remember all of these, be more patient, rejection doesn’t always means not but instead it’s not right now and most of all, it encourages me not to give up.

  3. Rhon says

    I believe this is really helpful. And also added me a knowledge regarding on my social media account. Showing your skills through social media or uploading a piece of it on the resume is really a plus. I would do that then. Regarding on effective cover letter, yes, it’s very necessary to read carefully what does a client required for. I have a response from a client saying they choose me because i meet what they required for. Clients wants a specific answer to their questions and not a respond stating a general thing. Well, thank you for sharing this. It’s a big help specially for those newbies.

  4. Junrey Dini-ay Taer says

    These tips are somewhat helpful, but applicants may also depend on the number of people applying for the same job and the number of employers who wish to hire you. I am here in a year, but still looking for a stability. I made a big impact on my profile of how or what my capabilities are. I am just wondering why do employers do not send a response to your email after you applied for a certain job.

  5. Kristy Anne Solis Gabison says

    Good evening… It is okay if I will send my application letter without resume? I applied for several times but still no response. They didn’t require in job description about resume when I applied to certain company

    • Maureen Vera Rondael says

      Kindly help, while browsing/checking my Message Profile (it was incomplete – lacking one more paragraph) I accidentally click the Send Email Tab. I ‘m doing the Copy-Paste of my Profile from the revised draft I made from Word Document.
      I reapply with the complete profile…Is it ok to have 2 applications? Can I retrieve the 1st application (incomplete profile)? I worry that they will not consider my application.
      Thank you.

  6. Charles Vincent Q. Rada says


    I really need a job, I hope you have some to offer.

    Thank you.

    You can reach me:

    Skype: live:radacharles

  7. Cheska Persia says

    What is usually or commonly includes in the (Subject) when sending the application message?
    Thanks in advanced. 🙂

  8. Ghen Santos says

    Good day!
    I am new here, and is in the process of submitting job applications, my question lies with the use of a Dropbox to send attachments like sample works being asked at times by employers for you to qualify at certain jobs they require, is the use of such app absolutely free or only on a certain trial period for months upon registration? I hope I get a response from this. Kindly respect my query, thanks!

  9. Jinky Nucos says

    Hi there,
    I’ve been waiting for so long to be hired but until now I don’t received any calls or emails.I don’t know if something is wrong with my resume or what..

    Response is highly appreciated….thank you

  10. Carrie Cabaltera says

    Guys this really works. I followed these and started getting responses. thank you to the writer this really helped me a lot!

  11. Ricky says

    Thanks for writing this article for us newbies. I will keep in mind your tips.
    I am new to, so I am curious as to how much information I can give out to the employer whenever I apply for a job post.
    I learned that there are platforms that prohibit job seekers from posting links to their portfolio websites that has all their contact info listed. This is to prevent the possibility of them communicating with the employer outside of the said platforms.
    I want to be sure that I am not violating any policy here. Is there any such prohibition at Should all communications between me and the employer be done on this platform alone? Although, I really wouldn’t mind if there is such policy but I am curious to know.

    Thanks in advance.

    • says

      Hi Felix!

      Communicating outside the platform is allowed because the hiring is done directly. We just discourage it in the early parts of the recruitment process for security reasons; to make sure that the employers are making legitimate job offers and the applicants are real job seekers and not robots or spammers.

  12. Paulo James Repolido says

    I am really glad I read this article, thanks a lot, i hope this tips is getting me hired…
    God bless Ma’am and more blessings to come.

  13. Zoraida Feguiroa says

    Hi there!

    I have been applying for several job postings. I am just wondering, where does the client post a reply, is it in my account or to my given email address?
    Also, where can we review the background of the employer?

      • Arthur says

        Hi Julia, I tried the link you provided to verify employers but it is asking to put in employer’s email address. I noticed that when employer post jobs their email or name does not show up in the post. Some does not even have their company name. Is there any other way for us to verify employers especially us legit job seekers. Another thing how in the heck can we improve our job id score? Mine’s only 58 and can’t apply to other jobs. I already linked my FB account and uploaded my government ID but somehow it’s stuck on 58. I tried to look for more info but found none. Can you enlighten me some more? if you have some spare time to answer silly questions I would really appreciate it thanks.

        • Gladys Verga says

          Hi, I’m also a Jobseeker. I increased my ID Proof to 83 by also doing the tests. DISC, IQ and English Proficiency. And I have also uploaded a profile picture. Hope this helps 🙂 Happy job seeking to us 🙂

      • marizz pidor says

        Hi Julia,
        I am also a newbie here. I religiously following instructions from each job posting I applied for but my efforts seem futile. For almost 2 weeks now, I don’t receive response/feedback from employers. Is there a way for me to know if something went wrong with my way of attaching or linking my resume and cover letter so I can edit it? How would I know if i I am doing the right and proper way? I noticed that once position is being clicked and applied for, I cannot open it and I can no longer go back to my application.

  14. Ruffa Legal Monteros says

    “And I know that rejections are hard to take. But remember that a rejection doesn’t always mean “no”. Most of the time, it simply means “not right now”.”

    These are the words I need today. It gave me hope. I was moved. Thank you so much. I will never lose hope. Will continue to be patient. I will apply these tips. I am very thankful. 🙂

  15. Noel Morado says

    Great article. I learned a lot from the tips you mentioned. Hopefully, a lot of newbies would be able to find valuable lessons from your article. I myself have followed most of the tips you discussed. Right now, I’m undergoing training for a job I love most. I haven’t applied for it, but the client just sent an email asking me if I were interested to fill up their vacancy. When I asked how he was able to find me, he informed me that he saw my resume in our database and thinks that I am the perfect fit for the position… Thanks for this article as it helped me revise my resume to highlight my skills and experience.

  16. Melvin Abanto Jr says

    Thanks for this. A lot of substance in your work and it was very well laid out.
    I just started here in and I’m hopeful in landing my first gig. I’m currently employed as a full-time business consultant and would like to add Professional Virtual Assistant to my repertoire.

  17. Y-vonex says

    Question: How to attach file in the MESSAGE field when sending an application? Some clients asks for a resume and I do not know how to attach my resume or other info. Thank you

      • Analy says

        hi i just like to clarify this. If you say resume, are you referring about resume or your personal resume (the one used for non-online jobs/real life job hunting). I am just really confuse since i’m a newbie. I hope you can enlighten me.Thanks!

  18. Anna Maria Velonza says

    Hi there!

    I see this contact info when applying for a job. I’d like to ask if this is client’s info or applicant’s info.


  19. Benjito Bryan Z. Villamor Jr. says

    this is my first time looking for a job, i hope i can find a suitable work, i already applied some positions and yes thank you for allowing to join and hear some ideas from you guys.

    thanks & god bless

  20. Jane A. Dalida says

    Its bee 4 months since i quit my job and decided to try online home based work. I thought it was easy since I have years of experience for the job that I am currently looking for which is customer service. But it was not. I even followed tips online, spend lot of time to check how others made it but I still failed. I am at the point of quitting but many thanks for the tips, I am now getting more motivated and will be more patient in waiting. Thanks and More Power to!

    • Mj Aparis says

      Hi, I’m a newbie here as well. I have a 10year experience with BPO but I’ve been sending applications nearly 2weeks now but no luck. I haven’t heard any response from those jobs I applied for. How long did you wait before you landed a job?

      i find this very motivational and I am thankful though I am not sure for how long I have to wait.

  21. Maika says

    Re: Public Social Media accounts

    I think I’m gonna lose with just that. All my social media is very personal to me and filled with all fandoms I have…….. Do I have to create a new one? I mean I don’t know. I can’t possibly delete all my posts to start new.. :/ if I won’t get hired just because of my social media then I’d rather delete all of my account instead and make a new one..

    • says

      Hi Maika!

      We understand you reluctance with about sharing your social media account. Maybe you can use your LinkedIn account itself? it’s a social media network for work. Another option to improve your ID Proof score is to show proof of identity. Just email our support staff ( , they can guide you how you can raise your IDProof score even without your social media account.

  22. RUTH T. ORIMACO says

    Thank you for sharing these useful ideas. I’ll keep it in my mind especially that I’m a newbie.
    Thank you once again.

  23. Gerald Obar says


    I just want to say thank you to

    Finally! After 3 months of searching for an online job, I already have my first employer.

    Being “patient” is the key! I experienced many rejections and mismatched clients.

    I now have a part time online job. It is just a part time position but it is a good start.

  24. Bev Tancontian says

    Thank you for this. Very helpful and refreshing information, advice and guideline from a pro like you. I can tell that you are humble too. It makes you shine more.

  25. Cathy Altonaga says

    Hi! This is indeed very helpful especially for a newbie like me. Slowly i am gaining confidence in searching and applying jobs online. Thank you very much for this and please continue to share your insights and advice.

    • Dindin Bansilao Ditan says

      Thank you for this its a good way of encouraging people like me who searching a job. Thanks a lot.

  26. JEA JACINTO says

    Honestly, I’ve bee doubting the skills and knowledge that I have lately. I am not really confident that Online job is the right job for me since I’m not an IT person and most of the process is new to me. But as I stayed all night looking for jobs, I viewed lots of video tutorials of whats and hows and read this post. It inspired me to engaged and learn more new things and taught me that I should nurture/enhance the talent,skills and knowledge that I possess. I liked the taught that I could earn more here than the current job that I am in. I just don’t have enough credentials to compete with experienced and professional VA’s.
    Thanks for this inspiring tips! I will surely share this to my friends. 🙂

  27. April says


    Your article is very encouraging!

    I stumbled upon your site and I am very interested in being hired through this medium. I have experience working online already using Upwork. The competition there is too tight, so I hope I get the chance to be hired here… Hoping and praying!

  28. Raden says

    Applying here at for a remote job is 20+ times more difficult than applying as a site-based call center agent. The reason is that employers here always need only one while call centers need many new employees at a time. Trust is more important here because the one who is hiring is thousands of miles away.

    I am a highly-experienced employee in both office-based and remote but I still feel the highest difficulty here. New and aspiring VAs really need to personalize their cover letters. They need to invest more time in crafting a unique and convincing cover letter coupled with a well-written resume. Reading the job description more than two times could also help, and understand each of the detail.

    Last couple of months, I sent an application through a Google form and was surprised to discover that 134 other applicants applied for the same position. I was able to read 100 of their answers. Now imagine your chance if you were in my shoes – less than 1% but luckily I got the job.

  29. Nathan says


    I’m just new here. Can someone help me find a legitimate part-time home-based email support? I’m having a hard time finding one, considering the ID Proof scores from each employer is quite lower than mine. Yet, I still don’t know how does that work. Please let me know. I would appreciate any help!


  30. Jared Dean Calleno says


    I’m very thankful that there was a site like this, I am newbie here no experience yet of online jobs, and hopping that i can work with you guys, i am willing to be trained.

    Thank you soo much !

  31. Anne Ilagan says

    Hello! i’m new here at OnlineJobs and have completed my profile, as well as applied to a few opportunities. How can I follow-up with the employer on the status of my application? Is there an SOP that employers need to follow so as to not leave all the applicants hanging?

  32. Maria Cecilia Jimenez says

    Thank you to the one who posted this article which very helpful especially to all newbies, by the way I’m a newbie here and looking forward to find a suitable job for me. Though its very competitive but I’m prepared and willing to wait for my turn, life must go on!

  33. Joel P. Olvida says

    So lucky and grateful to have read this article since I am a newbie in virtual job and just registered today. Although I am an OFW, I want to explore online job opportunities while I still have free time after my full-time job. I already applied for 2 companies and hoping for a positive response.

  34. louise says

    Its very difficult to find a job here.They don’t respond.I thought it was easier to do find home based jobs than office jobs but I was wrong.I think that you are lucky when they respond to you.

  35. Christine Ayon says

    I wanted t know how can you make a follow up, I have submitted applications to different business but I still have not heard anything from them.

  36. Maria Criselda Perez says

    I want to know how soon are the employers to contact you if I submitted application a week ago.

  37. Maria Michelle Damasco says

    Thank you for giving us the tips Ms. Sta Romana, it helps me a lot as a newbie. It encourages me to go on seeking for a job.. hoping that I will be given a chance to be hired though i dont have any experience at all.

    May I ask what will I need regarding the technical?

  38. Jomarlyn Gilbuena says

    Hi,Ms.Julia, I read your blog and it’s very helpful and very motivational. Thank you for helping your co Filipino who’s having a hard time to look for a job specially for those Mom’s that prefers to work at home like me. For now, it’s been almost 1 month trying to look for a client just to get an online job, to be honest i’m starting to loose hope,I already sent a lot of application and bid to a different site just to get a job but up until now i haven’t receive any response from all of them. I just wanted to ask how to get started like doing a portfolio because I believe that is one of the most impacted thing to the client since i’m a newbie in this industry. I hope you could help me! Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Jomarlyn!

      A portfolio is basically a collection of your work. So if you’re designer,it’s a collection of yoru designs. If you’re a writer, it’s your blog post and articles. The portfolio would depend on what you do and what you want to focus on

  39. Cheryl Anne Bosque says

    Is it necessary to link my facebook to my profile? I did it but now I am thinking if I did the right thing.

    • Jessica Marie Madrazo says

      Hi Cheryl, yes linking to your facebook profile is fine. Employers won’t be able to view your profile, it’s just on our record for verification purposes.

  40. Laurencio D Lopez Jr says

    Very inspiring and interesting topic. It will help to motivate Online Job Seekers whether your a newbie or expert. Thank you for sharing.

  41. Dina Labella says

    Everything you said is true. Thank you so much for the enlightenment. I do sometimes get disappointed because it has been now a long wait. However, that thoughtful advice of yours has given me new hope and enthusiasm to continue applying for jobs and improve the skills that I already have.

  42. Nick Pines says

    Good day to us. Can anybody who already started onlinejob please help me to start. I already regestered but I don’t know what kind of job I will apply. Is anybody here can help me to get in job and I am willing to be trained and learn it. Thank you and God bless us.

  43. Fria Ocampo says


    I am also a newbie in the freelancing world, your article helps me a lot. Thank you for inspiring us. God bless you.

  44. B. Pellogo says


    I just created my account, just wondering if why is that my id score is only 68, how can I raise it up.

    • says

      is about providing lots of information to help determine your identity. If you only provide a small amount of honest information, then you’ll have a low ID trust score.

      Make sure that you have everything filled out…..facebook url, government id, picture, skill descriptions, etc. The more information that you provide, the easier it is for an employer to determine that you are who you say you are. Your ID proof score will be higher too.

      After updating your profile, the ID Proof score does not get updated right away, but will be automatically rechecked by the site in a day or so.

      • B. Pellogo says

        Hello, another question, why is that I was unable to add Government ID, i jave tried several times uploading but with no success, I also read some comments that some of the members who tried it also have same experience with me. Hoping you

  45. King Lacerna says

    Seems like it is hard to get a response here in
    tried applying for so many times no response at all. Don’t know if my application are being sent successfully as it said after sending application or not no email notifications. pros and cons of being a paid user and a free user?

    • says

      Hi King,

      There are no paid jobseeker accounts. All jobseeker accounts are free. As to getting email notifications, it is recommended that you take advantage of that. So you’ll get employer responses directly to your email.

  46. Kate says

    Hi, I really don’t know how to send links of resumes and/CVs. What website should I use just so I can provide a link? Thank You!

  47. Karie says

    Good day!
    I’m sorry if this may sound so naive, but is there really a need for me to attach or include a link of my resume in my application “message”? Does this mean that the “message” that I sent will just appear as a regular email to their accounts? Again, I’m sorry I had to ask this. I just thought that the employers will be able to see my profile after I send them my application “message”, that’s why I did not add a link of my resume to the applications that i sent; and I included “as you will see in my profile” lines in there. LOL.

    • says

      The job you are applying for is usually put in the subject box. And you put your cover letter and link to your profile/resume/portfolio on the message box.

      Unless the job post specifies what you should put in those boxes instead.

  48. jennalyne says

    good day im newbie here please excuse that i have lots of questions regarding some things especially i have work in a field that does not concern using computers. please help me i really want to have a job online to be able to work in the home and spend more time with my family specially my children. since i have been working here abroad my only chance to be with my children is when i will go for yearly vacation and its only 30 days, its not enough though but i need to sacrifice to earn a living and give my children what they need. but sometimes its not enough. im realizing its already 5 years not being with them all the time makes me felt guilty . im not there when they need me, hug and kiss them. attend school activities. etc. thats why im really determined to find a job that will be enough for me to just stay in the philippines with my children. thanks guys

  49. maybel says

    good day maam/sir i’m interested to apply to this because i know i can help you in your company thank you maam/sir God bless

  50. vivinia sienes says

    Good Day Maam/Sir Im so interested to work with you and to your company I promise to help and improve better. Thank you

  51. Evelyn says

    hi I”m a newbie .. can you pls help me understand what this means ?

    “Avoid employers that force you to register on a different site as part of the interview process”

    thank you !

    4. Avoid employers that force you to register on a different site as part of the interview process, especially if they request pictures of your passport and other sensitive information.

  52. Loralie says

    I had a few applications done and I sent resume only because the job post details did not asked for a cover letter to be include. My questions is does a cover letter is necessary ? or resume is enough ?

  53. Bryan Sumalinog says

    Mam please help me to find part time job for me because this is my first time to find find job online.
    thank you and more power.

  54. Roland Fernandez says

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Julia. This is a really good article.

    I just want to add something on number 3, Fill out a complete profile. OnlineJobsph and other online employment platforms provide free tests to assess our personality type and Skills proficiency. I believe this is very important in the hiring/recruitment process that all applicants must take to heart. Clients and companies mostly choose their candidates based both on hard skills and soft skills.

    Taking tests on specific skills can greatly strengthen your chances of being considered for specific jobs and tasks. However, there may be a lot of experts on your chosen field but there is only one YOU. Your personality, your attitude, or your character is something that you can use to your advantage in order to stick out among many applicants or it could very well be the very thing that a certain client is looking for.

    There is no perfect personality type but there are types that fit well with the culture of the company or complement the personality of a client. I believe being aware of this contributes to a person’s productivity and general satisfaction in the work environment.

  55. Nenette Y. Guerrero says

    Hi Ms. Julia,

    Thank you for this article, it really means a lot for a newbie like me. I created my account a year ago but recently decided to pursue my on-line job (still has a corporate job though). Anyhow, my questions is about portfolios, I am in Administration Field and I do a lot of work such as permitting, liaising, creating memorandum, data encoding etc.. basic office and admin works and these kind of jobs is basically things you do for the company and mostly signed by the CEO’s or managers and such, meaning to say there are no proof that you did those. Will it still be okay to upload them as a portfolio? Any suggestion? Mind if I ask your thoughts on this?

    Again, I really appreciate this article, thank you very much. Looking forward to your reply.


    • says

      I see.

      One thing you can probably do is write or make videos about your experience doing admin work. Tell stories about what challenges you encountered as in office administration and how you were able to address those problems. This way, you can showcase what you know, your experience, and have something on your portfolio that you can use.

  56. Jovelyn Barong says

    Hi there!

    I’m a newbie here, I am currently a college student looking for a part time job so I tried registering on this online job opportunity however I get 0 ID proof. What is that actually mean & how does it work? Completely have no idea what to do in order to level up.

    Looking forward to your reply. Thank you so much!

    • says

      Hi jovelyn!

      You just need to make sure that you provided complete and accurate information. It usually takes 24-48 hours to verify the information which is why it takes time for your OD proof score to go up.

      • Jovelyn Barong says

        Oh Thank you so much for the quick response. One last thing, they require adding a government ID, I’m just a student, the only thing I could provide is my student ID. Is that even acceptable? What solution can you give? Thank you again ma’am.

  57. Ciejey says

    Yes we will,
    Every single day what we have is a thing that lord give as a miracle but not at all.
    We try to look forward but we feel it’s hard so that is consequences. We must know who we are to make relevant . We love what we doing , give time for it , and ability to find ways.
    I just need help I am a first timer and I don’t know For it .
    Plss give some tips.

  58. Edmargelli Cabiling says

    Hi! Im a newbie here. Just wnted to ask if how can i attached a copy of my resume. And to be honest I also dont know how I can link a copy of it thru the jobs I am interested to apply for…

  59. Mitch Christian Miranda says

    When i hit apply now this is what the website prompt. Is this normal?
    Job Application
    Application Received. Will be Sent when Account is Approved.
    Click here to complete the verification process.
    Tips for Getting Your Dream JobTips for Getting Your Dream Job (Please read this!)

    And when i click “Click here to complete the verification process.” This is what it says “To verify your account please follow the instructions below:

    1. Upload profile picture

    2. Upload government ID

    If you have any question please contact us.”

    and I’ve already uploaded a valid government ID and a proper profile picture


  60. Mae says

    I’m so confused right now.
    Why is it that I couldn’t see the apply button.

  61. Mae says

    Thanks Ms Julia,
    Just as I guessed, my ID proof score is a bit too low. That’s why I couldn’t apply for the job in which I’m interested.

  62. Gabo Pundavela says

    Hi, i have been sending out applications already but still my Number of Applications sent today doesnt change to 0/10, im getting worried and all of my emails might be going all to waste. Help? Thank you in advance.

  63. Diana May Discaya grapa says

    Thank you for all this information hope one day I will get a job suited for me, I’m newbie everyday is a learning process for me .Thanks a lot!

    • says

      Hi Emma,

      Thank you for your comment. Our support team has emailed you regarding your ID Proof score, kindly check your inbox so that you can start applying to job posts that interests you

  64. Jen says


    Is the number of applications we can send is lowered to 10 emails per day?
    I am trying to apply to another job post but it says that I have sent 10/10 application today.

    This never happened to me before. I was able to send applications as much as I want. What happened? Why are you starting to limit the number of our email application. This is really saddening to tell you honestly.

  65. ALJON says

    Hi I just want to clarify if you are get hired you cannot apply another job? I just to clarify if my job applications were getting send to clients. I observed that I sent many applications but no one replied on my application. Unlike before I’m not yet hired by someone I got many responds from many clients. Please let me know your thoughts.

    Thank you.

    • says

      Hi Aljon,

      Thank you for your comment. You can apply to other job posts, but do be careful and make sure that you and your current employer have an understanding & agreement that it is fine for you to have another online job

  66. Joie Araneta says

    Hello! Newbie here. Thank you for these tips, these are really helpful. I have a question, I already sent 3 job applications to different employers. How would I know if they already response? Will they send me an email in my gmail account or will they send me a message here in OLJ? Thank you so much!

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