How Outsourcing Can Fuel Your Business AND Your Life

When I was in college, I told my roommate that I wanted to have my own business someday. I knew that small business owners work really long hours. That’s something I don’t want to do. That’s not how I imagined a life well lived should be. But I always believed I could do things differently, I just had to figure out how to do it.

Eventually I did it. It had to against a lot of conventional business wisdom. Some people thought (and still think) that my methods are insane. But I would be enjoying the life I have now if I didn’t outsource.

And that’s what Scott and I talked about in his show. I wanted to show that the returns you get from outsourcing the Philippines far exceeds the time and money investment. When your business is successful and profitable, that’s when you help the most number of people.

267: Filipino Outsourcing, Time Freedom, & Online Jobs

You can check out the training materials Scott mentioned here by signing up for an account. It’ll give you access to our database plus free tools and resources. You can also check out Dennis Yu’s story here to learn more on how he uses to build and grow his amazing business.

John JonasAbout John Jonas
John helps business owners learn to outsource to the Philippines and replace themselves with virtual assistants.
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He currently employs 14 amazing Filipino workers full-time and loves every one of them. He lives in Utah, has a wonderful wife, 4 amazing kids, and golfs 4-5 times/week.

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