Filipino Virtual Assistants Salary Guide

We’ve updated it for 2021, to make it easier for you to find the right VA for your business. And we’ll be updating this guide yearly from now on.

Compared to the 2019 salaries (when we started making this guide), the increase isn’t that much, even after considering inflation. The likely reason for this is that there are so many virtual assistants available now for hire. In 2020, we saw the highest number of sign-ups and reached over a million online Filipino worker profiles. So, if you’re looking to hire a VA, now’s the best time. 

We’re now showing the salary ranges for beginner, intermediate, and expert VA based on their expertise.

The salaries are for full-time (40 hours/week) workers for an entire month. These rates are based on the salaries set by jobseekers and the employers in our database.

Take note that beginners have NO EXPERIENCE. You need to assume they don’t know anything, and you’d have to start from scratch. That means you would have to train them. You can give them that using our training resource:

If you want someone with experience or training, the best salary range would be the intermediate range.

If you’re looking to hire an expert or a specialist, go for the expert level.

Beginner Intermediate Expert
Virtual Assistant $350 – $405 $400 – $900 $890 – $1190
Amazon Expert $350 – $500 $450 – $750 $740 – $900
Facebook Marketing $350 – $460 $420 – $1480 $1460 – $1760
Copywriter $400 – $600 $600 – $1800 $1700 – $2210
WordPress Developer $389 – $600 $600 – $1300 $1320 – $1670
Sales Representative $350 – $500 $480 – $1200 $1000 – $1350
Lead Generation $350 – $500 $480 – $1000 $950 – $1260
Webmaster $350 – $720 $700 – $1200 $1100 – $1410
SEO Expert $350 – $520 $500 – $1300 $1390 – $1790
Marketing Specialist $382 – $480 $480 – $1250 $1100 – $1420
Infusionsoft Specialist $350 – $580 $560 – $1350 $1300 – $1670
PPC Expert $496 – $700 $700 – $1300 $1250 – $1850
Graphic Design $350 – $730 $700 – $1300 $1250 – $1540
Shopify Developer $350 – $620 $600 – $1150 $1100 – $1350
Ebay Listing $350 – $440 $400 – $750 $700 – $850
Ecommerce Expert $350 – $710 $700 – $1300 $1250 – $1490
Social Media Marketing $350 – $480 $450 – $1300 $1270 – $1570
Video Editor $350 – $670 $650 – $1300 $1250 – $1610
Customer Service $350 – $540 $540 – $1100 $1000 – $1320
Researcher $350 – $400 $380 – $1000 $950 – $1230
PHP Developer $466 – $700 $700 – $1650 $1700 – $2060
Data Entry Specialist $350 – $390 $380 – $850 $800 – $1030
Google Adwords $476 – $740 $740 – $1870 $1800 – $2320
Accountant $350 – $410 $400 – $1340 $1300 – $1740
Real Estate Virtual Assistant $350 – $480 $450 – $1750 $1700 – $2200
Web Developer $370 – $600 $600 – $1320 $1300 – $1720
Magento Developer $396 – $700 $700 – $1800 $1750 – $2020
IOS Developer $478 – $800 $800 – $1560 $1500 – $2060
Content Writer $350 – $510 $500 – $1350 $1300 – $1590
Project Manager $397 – $580 $580 – $1250 $1500 – $2000
Web Designer $350 – $600 $550 – $1200 $1150 – $1510
Photoshop Expert $350 – $570 $540 – $720 $700 – $900


  1. Jairo Romero says

    Hi. Great info however I’d like to know more on VA rates for my case

    My VA will be working Part Time.
    Beginner/intermediate level.

    This would be a total of 20hrs p/wk and what would be an average hourly rate?

    Thaks so much for all your help.

    Jairo Romero

    • says

      Hi Jairo,

      Thank you for your comment. It truly depends on the experience a worker has, and you can also check on the other jobseeker’s profiles, you can get an average based on their expected salary

  2. LEE says

    I’m hiring my first VA. Because I am looking for part time help it is helpful to scale up a salary from an hourly rate. that way i can determine the budget requirements for a 10 hour assisstant or a 15 hour situation etc. that would help me offer salaries for part time workers.

  3. John Jonas says

    Yeah, these are full-time rates.

    The point here is just to give you a ballpark.

    Hourly rates will be higher than these rates (at whatever level you’re looking, beginner, intermediate, or advanced) because hourly rates are always sporadic. It’s not steady work, so wages have to be higher to compensate for the workers down time when you don’t have work for them.

    • Floyd says

      I have been using your service for a few years now. I normally pay our VA’s bi weekly on the same schedule as our New York office. I am reading you recommend paying monthly ? How would that work?
      I am interested .

      • says

        Hi Floyd,

        Thank you for your comment. You can pay monthly or bi-monthly. When you get started, you should probably pay weekly for the first 2 months. Filipinos are really scared of doing a bunch of work and not getting paid. At first, they might be a bit cautious about you. Paying weekly is a good way to gain their trust. After a couple months, it’s okay to go to bi-weekly or monthly payments

  4. John Jonas says

    For an hourly rate, take the full-time rate and divide by 160 (hours in a month). Then multiply by 1.5 (since it’s hourly).

    For example, a beginner VA at $500/month, to calculate the hourly rate for part-time work:

    $500/160 hours = $3.12/hour
    $3.12 * 1.5 = 4.60/hour for part-time work

  5. Nat says

    Do you recommend putting a fixed salary or salary range on the job application or writing “based on experience” or “competitive pay” instead? Not sure if applicants are searching by pay amount and writing “competitive pay” may be filtered out.

    • says

      Hi Nat,

      Thank you for your comment. There are a few applicants who are looking for work whose salary fits their necessities, and with that there are job posts that mentions that the salary is negotiable or they provide a range of salary. If a worker’s qualification fits your needs, during your interview with the applicants, you can discuss further the details about the salary

  6. Jamaal Johnson says

    Do you have any insight on working with an assistant that is leery about time monitoring software?

    • says

      Hi Jamaal,

      Thank you for your comment. You can email our support team ( regarding this inquiry so that they may provide you with details on your inquiry

  7. Michael says

    Hi, it’s incomplete to just mention monthly salaries without specifying how many months per year we have to pay? Is it 12, 13, 14?
    If it’s 14, then monthly it’s nearly 17% higher than what you state!
    Some of the experienced salaries are as high as south European salaries of real people in an office.
    A good question would be why are Filipino (experienced) salaries higher than Indian?

    • says

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your comment. Usually, employers are paying Filipino workers on per month, this is why the salaries indicated are for full-time (40 hours/week) workers for an entire month. As mentioned in the blog post also, the salaries are based on the salaries set by jobseekers and the employers in our database.

      Hope this helps

    • Charles Baldwin says

      It is common in the Philippines to give the “13th” month at Christmas and this is a requirement for businesses operating in the Philippines but does not apply to your online workers. I typically provide the 13th month to my workers, as a bonus and incentive to keep producing good work. Without denigrating Indian workers, many of whom are very skilled, I have a hard time with communication, because their English language skills are not as advanced as Filipinos.

  8. Geordoni Y Mckoy says

    Im think about resting out a VA my question is.

    Im looking for a VA that has some digital editing and social Marketing experience

    It seems like everything is separates

    Please advise

    Thank You

    • says

      Hi Geordoni,

      Thank you for your comment

      Wanting a worker to do different things that usually workers don’t have that many skills will be a bit challenging. For example, a worker that does programming + SEO + content writing. Or a worker that can do content + graphics work

      Usually, a programmer is just a programmer, a designer just a designer, and so on

      You can check this link to look for the worker that you need ->

  9. Kim says

    I did not do my homework and started by VA at too high a rate. I obviously can’t reduce her hourly rate but am considering a salary instead since we have been together 10 months and I am very satisfied. How do you recommend I determine her salary? She consistently works 30 hours per week and can’t do 40. Thank you so much. Excellent service!

    • says

      Hi Kim,

      Thank you for your comment. Sincerest apologies on the late reply. I see, it would be difficult and not correct to lower the already agreed salary. I would like to suggest maybe have a yearly increase, most employers do this with their employers after a yearly-check on their work outputs and performance

  10. Adam Netzer says

    Are these rates including bonuses? I’m specifically curious about what a total compensation package should look like for a highly experienced, full time business to business cold caller. A pure hunter with exceptional communication skills. Thanks.

  11. Travis E says

    This is a great article. However, I am curious to paying a VA by commission.

    For a bit of background I used to own a business in affiliate marketing. I had employees from the United States who would earn a percentage based on sales they made (or actions completed.) My assumption, and please tell me if I am wrong, would be that the percentage should remain the same for a VA. Would there be any reason it should be more or less? I’d assume at the same wage, the position would be very sought out since the earning potential would be far greater compared to the cost of living in the United States.

    Thank you,

    • says

      Hi Travis,

      Thank you for your comment. Apologies on the late reply

      Just be aware that often, the Filipino people don’t respond to commission jobs the way you expect. They almost always prefer a salaried job. Often with OFS, they fear that if they don’t do things right they’ll be fired. This holds them back.

      Generally, we don’t like commission based jobs posted on

  12. Angela S says

    Is the rate range you quote in the table in US$?
    Also, if i only wanted 20 hours per month , is it reasonable to just halve the rate range? (ie the rate range quotes for 40 hrs per mth I believe)

  13. MARTINEZ says

    Hi. I want to hire an Intermediate VA with experience from the Philippines for Ebay listing. What’s the monthly or hourly salary range ? And if I want them to list and fulfill on Ebay. What is the monthly or hourly salary range for that also ? Thanks.

    • says

      Hi Martinez,

      Thank you for your comment. In the article, there’s “Ebay Listing” (you may use Ctrl+F to locate the row that shows Ebay Listing). The salaries indicated in the blog post is for full time (40 hours/week) for an entire month

  14. Olivia says

    Are the amounts in the above tables per week? Per month? I am not familiar with what is normal in the Philippines.


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