Do I Need To Take Tests To Get Hired?

When you sign up for an jobseeker profile, you probably notice that we have a test feature. This feature actually links to free testing services for English, DISC, and IQ testing.

It’s a nifty little feature. Once you’re done with the tests, you can take a screenshot of your test result, write your score and upload the screenshot of your test result in the designated score box in your profile.

So why is it there? Is it required? How can it help you get an online job?

You’re not required to take those tests. You can get hired even without these tests. But taking those tests and placing the results on your jobseeker CAN increase your chances of getting an online job.

The English Test
English Test
English test score is the quickest way for employers to see and verify your English skills.

Most Filipinos can read, speak and write in English. But the fact of the matter is not everyone can do it well.

Great English skills are a premium skill for online workers, even if you’re not a writer or customer support agent. It’s easier to communicate with employees who have great English skills. Good English skills are also very useful in other VA tasks like social media, email management, appointment setting, etc.

How To Take The English Test

  1. First, take the free, online Grammar & vocabulary level test. (You will be taken to a secure, outside webpage).
  2. Take the test. You will have 30 minutes. Please do your best, as you will only be allowed to take it once.
  3. On your test result page, put in your login email address to have email you your result. Take a screenshot of your result, you will need to upload the screenshot result in your profile.
  4. Next, write your score in the test score box in your profile.

The IQ Test
IQ Test
Almost every employer we know wants an online worker who is smart.

Smart workers don’t need that much training and supervision to do their jobs. They know how to find solutions to problems and they get better with time and experience.

Some employers even specify that they would only hire jobseekers who have taken an IQ test. So it’s best to take them and post the results on your profile to save you the hassle.

How To Take the IQ Test
How to take a test

  1. To take the free IQ test, please click here (you will be taken to another website).
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Start Test.”
  3. Fill out the form and put your Name and email.
  4. Take the test.
  5. Click “Score Test” when you are done.
  6. Do not re-enter your information on the next page, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Get Results.” The next page will give you a number between 85 and 150; this is your IQ score.
  7. If you want your score to be posted in your profile, take a screenshot of your test result, upload it to your profile and write down your test score in the designated score box in your profile


The DISC Personality Test

The DISC Personality test assess the different facets of your work personality:

  • how you react to challenges and stress
  • how well you work alone vs how well you work with a team
  • what kind of management styles you respond to
  • how meticulous or creative you are in your approach to work
  • how you approach problem solving
  • how you prioritize tasks, etc.

This helps employers figure out early on whether you have the right personality to

  • fit in with the company culture,
  • whether you would thrive under their management style, and
  • determine if you can handle the stress of the workload that will be given to you.

The DISC personality profile also helps employers identify who have the potential to fill in future management roles and what aspects of the business they would work best.

How To Take The DISC Personality Test

  1. Click here to take your free DISC test (you will be taken to another website).
  2. Carefully read and follow the directions.
  3. At the bottom of the results page, under the “Save your Results” area, copy the link (ctrl+c). The link should look something like ‘′.
  4. If you want your score to be posted in your profile, take a screenshot of your test result, upload it to your profile and write down your test score in the designated score box in your profile.

DISC Sample

Want To Show Off More Skills?
Do you have other skills you want to show off? Do you have the test results to prove it?

You can post these results on your jobseeker profile. To show these results are legitimate, it’s best if you provide a link that shows actual results or a link to the screencap of the results.

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