How to deal with Confidentiality and Data Privacy with an overseas VA? – Practical Advice

Most of you are not going to like my answer to this. But when it comes to stuff like confidentiality and data privacy, you’re less likely to have problems with Filipinos than people you hire locally.

Just think about it. With an employee, yeah you can control the computer they use. But you can’t stop them from taking out their phone and take a picture of their work. It’s easy for them to steal information and put it all in a USB stick. 

In the Philippines, they really believe in karma. So even when they have access to your information and ideas, they won’t do it because they know it’s wrong.

And the great thing about outsourcing is you can implement additional security measures that are harder to do in an office scenario. You can have your VA work on a virtual private network. It’s like having them work on your computer without having them actually be in your office. With a virtual network, it’s easier to limit their access.

You can also have your Filipino sign a contract, like an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

Set clear boundaries and standards. Talk about this with your VA. When they know what the limits are, they’re less likely to cross them.

Of course, there’s really no guarantee. There’s always going to be a risk regardless of whether it’s a local employee or a Filipino VA. It’s just that in the Philippines, there’s less of an incentive to steal from you than it is with a local employee. It’s not likely they’re going to have access to a black market for that information. They don’t want to steal your ideas because they’re not entrepreneurial. And with Filipinos, once they have a job, they want to keep that job. So they’re not going to do anything that would jeopardize that.

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