Concerned about the up-front cost?

Here are some thoughts.

  • You only pay us to contact workers. Once you’re done contacting workers (you found the right person), cancel.
  • You don’t have to pay our monthly fee to maintain the people you hire. You hire (and pay) them on your own.
  • Want to pay for just ONE MONTH? Pay to upgrade, then immediately cancel. You’ll still have access for 30 days and you won’t get rebilled again.

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The cost is our way of:

  1. Eliminating Scammer Employers
  2. Bringing better Filipino workers for you to hire.
  3. Offering this service. We have 22 people (in the Philippines) who work on We do a ton of work to make it easier for you to hire a good person.

There’s a reason we’re the #1 recommended place to hire VA’s for online work.
– It’s affordable
– You’ll find great people

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