ClickFunnels Training


What ClickFunnels Is

ClickFunnels is a software system for building websites with a drag-and-drop interface.  It has lots of integrations with other software systems (autoresponders, shopping carts, etc).

Who should learn ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels is not simple, but can be learned by anyone who is not afraid of computers.  Someone afraid of making a mistake or afraid of trying new things with software should not try to learn ClickFunnels.

Someone who knows wordpress fairly well (able to install and configure plugins and themes) should be able to easily learn ClickFunnels.


Each of the lessons below is designed to teach you a piece of ClickFunnels. Watch the videos, follow the instructions, and implement it in a demo account below. Before telling employers that you know ClickFunnels, you should complete all lessons and should have a working funnel to be able to show employers.

We have worked with ClickFunnels to provide demo accounts so you can do the work inside an actual ClickFunnels account. Please choose a demo account to do your work in.  Each time you do work, always login to the same account.  Then work on your own funnel.  Please note that others will be using the same demo account.  Don’t mess with other people’s funnels.

Also, please don’t change the password for the account.

Demo Accounts

Login URL:
Demo 1: / blue747
Demo 2: / blue747
Demo 3: / blue747

Training Process