Iryn Wee: A Spanish-Speaking OFS’s Journey to Success

Meet Iryn Wee, a 40-year-old Filipino specialist from Cavite, Philippines. She works as a bilingual virtual assistant, catering to a real estate and construction company based in Houston. Her tasks revolved around bookkeeping, project management, collections, and general VA, all conducted in Spanish. Iryn believes in the value of integrity and goes the extra mile […]

From Diagnosis to Dream Career: Ellaine’s Inspiring Story

We rarely share stories about the triumphs of Online Filipino Specialists who found success through, and we want to change that. Let me share Ellaine’s inspiring story. Ellaine’s life took an unexpected turn at just 19, she was diagnosed with type one diabetes during her college years, studying speech pathology. The diagnosis brought immense […]

Mike’s OFS Journey

Mike Tendero has been a Virtual Assistant for a long time. In fact, when he started working online most people didn’t really think of it as a real job. Now, Mike is Tobe Brockner’s guy. I was able to get in touch with Mike and chat about his life as an Online Filipino Specialist. Here’s […]

Breaking Free From The Cubicle With

Ever felt suffocated working in an office? That’s what Erica felt when she imagined working in a cubicle for the rest of her life. Like any young woman, she wanted freedom and adventure. But as a responsible daughter, she got the usual call center job out of college to help out her parents. She thought […]

Dropshipping Success With Virtual Assistants

Sarah Crisp of Wholesale Ted is passionate about dropshipping and online selling. She’s so passionate about her business that at 27 years old, she’s been able to so many things that other people her age could only dream of. Among them are: Make seven figures from dropshipping Have a successful YouTube channel with over 280,000 […]

Persisting (and Outsourcing) Your Way To Success

Most businesses fail. That’s the plain honest truth. Even though most of us want to have our own businesses, some don’t even try. And most those who do try to start a business often quit as soon as they fail. What separates successful entrepreneurs from those who failed is persistence. If you persist, there’s a […]

Self Care Should Be A Priority If You Work From Home

Once you start working from home, it’s easy to fall into the habit of working in your pajamas. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s one of the perks of working from home. You wear whatever you want. You can wake up 5 minutes before your shift. It’s an enormous time saver. But the downside […]

A Working Student’s Success Story

The life of a working student is never easy. But it’s a path that many Filipinos choose to take in order to pay for their education. Even though there are schools that can accommodate the schedules of working students, most jobs don’t do the same. Students often have to work long shifts and take even […]