‘APPLY POINTS’: Helping the Best and Most Qualified Applicants Stand Out

OnlineJobs.ph has over 2 million jobseekers in its database. While the sheer number of jobseekers is exciting, it can also present an unexpected challenge…

The Challenge
Sometimes, employers may receive too many applications for a job, presenting the time-consuming challenge of filtering through and finding the best candidates.

And sometimes, jobseekers may be tempted to apply for jobs they aren’t wholly qualified for, wasting both employers’ and their time.

We’ve found a way to address that.

Understanding ‘Apply Points’
To showcase the best and most qualified jobseekers, OnlineJobs is incorporating a policy using ‘Apply Points.’

Here’s how it works: Verified jobseekers are given 10 ‘Apply Points’ each day they visit their OnlineJobs.ph account while logged in.

When applying for a job, a jobseeker must submit a chosen number of ‘Apply Points’ with their application. It’s up to the jobseeker to decide how many points they submit per job application. The more ‘Apply Points’ a jobseeker uses toward a specific job should reflect their interest in and qualification for that job.

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The Apply Points used will be deducted from the current total Apply Points.

Employers can see how many ‘Apply Points’ each jobseeker uses in their application. They know a jobseeker is serious when they use a greater number of ‘Apply Points.’

With 5 times more jobseekers than employers on OnlineJobs.ph, we want to do all we can to pair the right employers with the best workers efficiently and effectively.

‘Apply Points’ are part of our strategy to cut-back on spammy, cut-and-paste job applications.

We’re trying to accomplish two things:

– Encourage ‘spammy’ jobseekers to think twice before applying for jobs they may not be qualified for.

– Allow serious jobseekers to be thoughtful about the jobs they apply to.

Why Does This System Work?

– Jobseekers can apply for any job they want as long as they have ‘Apply Points.’

– Typically, a job for which someone feels more qualified would justify using more points so the application is “highlighted” to the employer. (We don’t actually highlight the application, but an applicant using 8 ‘Apply Points’ looks more serious to an employer than an applicant using 1 ‘Apply Point.’)

– The number of ‘Apply Points’ used is not an indication of skills or reliability. It’s an indication of how thoughtful the applicant is being with the jobs they apply for.

– Saving points to apply to jobs for which a jobseeker feels more qualified can be a big advantage when applying. i.e. if a jobseeker doesn’t feel like they’re very qualified for any jobs they’re seeing one day, they can save their points and come back the next day when there are new job posts. Maybe there’s a job post the next day for which that jobseeker is more interested in or feels very well qualified, then can now use more points to apply for that job..

‘Apply Points’ FAQs for Jobseekers:

– Can I buy ‘Apply Points’?


– Do I lose my unused ‘Apply Points’?

No. They carry over and remain in your account. However, the maximum ‘Apply Points’ that will carry over from day to day is 50 plus the 10 points earned for the day. The total maximum “Apply Points” a jobseeker can have is 60 points.

– Is there any way to get more ‘Apply Points’?

No, right now the only way is to login to OnlineJobs.ph and see if there’s a job for which you feel qualified.

– Is there a maximum number of points I can use toward a certain job post?

No, there is no limit to the number of ‘Apply Points’ that can be used for any given application.

– How does this help a jobseeker?

By allowing you to highlight your application to an employer. When every jobseeker is allowed to apply randomly to unlimited jobs, nobody looks better than anyone else. Those who are serious (or seriously qualified) have a hard time standing out. If you feel you are really qualified for a job, you can use more “Apply Points” to show employers how interested and serious you are in your application. This makes you stand out from the rest.’

– I just created an OnlineJobs.ph jobseeker account. How many “Apply Points” do I get?

Once verified, you get 10 “Apply Points”.

– How many points can I send per application?

You can use as many Apply Points as you want, as long as you have them in your account. The best way to use your points would be to save up your points so you can use more for the jobs you feel you are qualified for.

– Will the employer still see my application if I don’t use any points? Can they still see what I sent?

No, you won’t be able to send an application AND the employer won’t see it if you don’t use Apply Points.

If you forget to assign an Apply Point, the system will automatically deduct 1 Apply Point for every application that you send. If you run out of Apply Points, your application with NOT be sent.

– Am I still limited to 10 applications per day?

You can now post more than 10 applications a day if you have enough points.  But what we’ve found over the years is that people who put more thought into fewer applications are the ones who get hired.

– At what time of the day the points will be credited?

There is no time of day. System records the last day you accessed the site. If it’s a new day, then you get more points.

– What if I didn’t get the job and I used lots of points, what will happen to the points that I used?

The point you use to apply for any job post, even if you don’t get that job, will be used up. But don’t worry! As mentioned, you will get 10 new points on the days that you open your OnlineJobs.ph jobseeker account.

‘Apply Points’ FAQs for Employers:

– How is this relevant to me as an employer?

Ideally, it will help you recognize the more serious candidates. The number of points a jobseeker uses towards an application indicates how interested a jobseeker feels for the job you posted.

If they’re unlikely to get the job, they’re probably not a great candidate and will likely use fewer points.

If their skills match your job description very well, they’re likely to use more points. So if you’re overwhelmed with applicants, you can focus on those that used more Apply Points than those that used less.


– If a jobseeker uses more Apply Points, does this mean they’re more qualified?

Using more Apply Points doesn’t automatically mean that this jobseeker is qualified. It just means that they’re serious about applying for the job, and they FEEL they’re qualified enough to get it. You still need to give them interview questions or a test task to ensure they’re qualified